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The Recruit Book Four EBOOK

The Recruit Book Four EBOOK

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They thought they won the war... but the final battle is just beginning.

A new weapon brings hope in the war against the vampire uprising. But this new weapon also creates discord among the recruits. As doubts rise and friendships are tested, Hannah must find a way to restore harmony.

As the true leader of the vampire uprising emerges, a different and undetected threat grows within their midst. One that could change Hannah's life and the lives of those she loves, forever.



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Read an excerpt

“Goddamn, sweetheart! Do you have any idea how much it turns me on to watch you kick vampire ass?” Reid shouted.

Panting, Selena grinned at him. “I thought it was my all-natural tits that turned you on.”

“Those too. Down!”

Selena dropped to her knees and he shot the vampire behind her. She jumped to her feet and Reid pulled her into his embrace and kissed her deeply.

“Jesus, Reid. Now is not the fucking time!” Mannie shouted as he ran by them. He drove a stake into the leech who was creeping up behind Hannah. It exploded and Hannah nodded her thanks before thrusting her sword into the hissing, drooling vampire in front of her.

“Where did Will go?” she asked as she wiped her sword clean.

There was an answering growl, and a grin crossed her face. Her eyes turned a bright green as the giant wolf bounded out of the darkness. He was covered in ash and blood and he rubbed his head against her hip. She stroked his face affectionately before glancing around the dark forest.

“Is that all of them?”

Selena nodded. “I think so. Fuck, another group of them. They’re never alone anymore.”

“Not particularly a good sign for us,” Reid said gravely. “If they’re getting better at playing house with each other, we’re in trouble.”

“We’re in deep fucking shit,” Mannie said. “Every single hunt we go on we find multiples. And they’re moving closer and closer to the facility. We’re what – ten miles from home?”

“If that,” Hannah said as she studied the forest.

Mannie scowled. “The whole goddamn town will be overrun with vamps if we don’t do something. What the fuck is happening?”

“The uprising,” Hannah said. “It isn’t over.”

“Did we actually think it was?” Reid asked. “I know I didn’t.”

Selena shrugged before holstering her gun. “I sort of hoped it ended with Samuel.”

“We need to talk to Jordan,” Mannie said grimly. “That asshole is keeping information from us. We all know he is and if he doesn’t start telling us what the fuck is going on, we’re gonna – oh for fuck’s sake!”

A female vampire, hissing and spitting, had dropped from a tree above them. She took off into the forest, limping badly. Will barked sharply when Mannie took off after it.

“Mannie, wait!” Hannah called.

“I can handle it!” Mannie shouted before disappearing into the dark.

“I swear to God, Mannie has a death wish,” Hannah said.

“He can take care of himself,” Reid said. “He’s been killing bloodsuckers for years.”

Hannah glanced at Will and then Selena. “Let’s go.”

“He’ll be right back,” Reid said.

“C’mon, handsome,” Selena said. “You need to work on your cardio anyway.”

Reid grinned at her before holstering his gun and following the others.

* * *

Olivia shrank into the shadows as the human drew closer. She held her breath, her limbs trembling, as he walked past her. He was tall and powerful looking with muscles that bulged and rippled beneath his dark t-shirt. She clapped her hand over her mouth, muffling her whimper of fear, when he pulled the wickedly sharp stake from his belt. He held it loosely and scanned the darkness.

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” he called. “Why draw this out? You know I’m going to kill you - I know I’m going to kill you. Why don’t you stop hiding, you bloodsucking bitch?”

The wind moaned softly in reply and she stiffened when the human turned and seemed to stare directly at her. “It’s almost dawn and you’re not going to get very far with that leg. Would you rather die slowly from one hell of a sunburn or have a nice quick death? Myself, I’d choose the quick one but then I’ve never been one for -”

Olivia’s cry of fear was masked by the human’s hoarse shout of surprise. A vampire had appeared out of the darkness and Olivia watched wide-eyed as she grabbed the human and threw him head-first into a tree. The stake flew from his hand to land in the dirt and the human dropped like a stone to the ground. He moaned dazedly as the vampire straightened her shirt and smiled at him.

“I may have been slightly exaggerating the severity of my injury, human.”

The man didn’t reply, and the vampire sighed loudly. “You humans are so stupid. You go after me on your own when it is obvious you have no chance of defeating me.”

She crouched next to the man and swiped at the blood flowing from his temple. She licked it from her fingers, smiling happily. “I can hear your friends coming but they will be too late to save you, I’m afraid.”

She straddled the human as Olivia crept out of the shadows.

Go, Olivia. Go right now. This isn’t any of your business and you need to find the facility and the man named Jordan before the sun rises, her inner voice said.

She hesitated, biting her lip in indecision as the vampire yanked the man’s head back by his hair. “Don’t worry, human. Your death will be quick – painful but quick.”

* * *

His head ringing and his body oddly weak, Mannie winced when the vampire yanked his head back. He blinked dumbly at the vampire. She was speaking but her voice seemed to be coming from a distance and he could barely hear it.

You are about to die, asshole! Get the fuck up! his inner voice shouted.

His eyes widened as the vampire’s fangs lengthened. Shit, he was fucking dead.

The vampire’s back arched and blood sprayed from her mouth as she hissed in shock and pain. Mannie watched numbly as the vampire ripped open her shirt and stared in surprise at the tip of the stake sticking out from between her pale breasts.

She turned her head as her skin blackened and stared at the small blonde woman standing behind her. “What have you done?”

“I’m sorry,” the blonde woman whispered. She cringed when the vampire burst into ash. Coughing and choking on the fine ash, she straddled Mannie’s legs and tapped him lightly on the face.

“Hey, wake up. Wake up now.”

“What the fuck?” Mannie mumbled.

“You’re okay,” she said as he reached up and touched his throbbing head. Blood coated his fingers and he stared at it as the woman moaned hungrily. She was staring at the blood on his fingers with a look of pure hunger and he watched as her fangs popped out.

“Oh, fuck me. You’re a fucking leech,” he said.

“I’m so hungry,” she muttered. “Forgive me.”

He grunted when she bent her head and sank her sharp fangs into his throat. His body arched and she clung tightly to him as she drank eagerly. Mannie, his head spinning, slumped against the tree. His eyes slipped shut as she continued to drink.

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