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The Recruit Book Five (PAPERBACK)

The Recruit Book Five (PAPERBACK)

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A dangerous betrayal could destroy everything...

​Adjusting to life with a new baby is tough enough for Hannah, then throw in a town being overtaken by vampires… and things get deadly.

Especially when the vampires target bitten Lycans like Hannah and new recruit Miranda.

As a bitten Lycan, Miranda will have nowhere to go if she’s kicked out of the program. Which makes her inappropriate attraction to instructor, Ryder, stupid and dangerous.

Fortunately, he’s made it clear half-breeds are beneath him.  Miranda’s opinion of the arrogant Lycan is worse.  So why can’t they stay away from each other?

Why does his touch make both her human and wolf side, burn with need?

Just when Miranda believes she’s found her own pack at the training facility, her forbidden affair with Ryder heats up, threatening her new-found stability.

And with a traitor in the recruit program, lives are on the line and Hannah must risk everything to save them.

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