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The Rancher's Daughter (EBOOK)

The Rancher's Daughter (EBOOK)

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He's all she's ever wanted.

Confident and curvy, all Evelyn Crawford is looking for is a night of fun with no strings attached.  The last person she expects to see at the bar is the man she’s been in love with for most of her life.

All Thomas Sinclair wants is a quiet night and a cold beer.  What he doesn’t expect to see is Evelyn in an outfit that reveals every tempting curve.   He’s made a promise to Evelyn’s father to protect her from men like him but this night changes everything. 

His resolve to keep his distance is tested by Evelyn’s determination to show him exactly what he’s been missing.



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Read an excerpt

Thomas groaned and tried to back away from Evelyn. She released his hand, but instead of allowing him to escape, she threw both her arms around his shoulders and pressed herself against his erection.

He dropped his hand from her waist as the music ended. “Time to go, Evelyn.”

She shook her head as another slow song started. “One more dance, Thomas.”

“That’s not a good idea,” he said.

“I think it’s a great idea.” She smiled at him and rubbed her lower body against the bulge in his jeans. He inhaled sharply, and his hands gripped her waist.

He could feel the soft swell of her stomach pushing against his erection, and his eyes dropped to her chest. Her skin was tanned from the sun. Well, he stared at the milky-white tops of her breasts, most of her skin was tanned. He had a sudden urge to run his finger across all that delectable, unexpected pale skin and then under her lingerie to see if her nipples were hard.

He closed his eyes, his fingers digging into her hips as she swayed with the music.

“Evelyn?” He forced himself to look at her. She was only 5’8” or so, but her heels had brought her almost face-to-face with him. Her eyes were hazel, and for the first time, he noticed the tiny flecks of gold in the left one.

“Yes, Thomas?” Her breath was sweet on his lips, her small straight nose nearly brushing against his.

“I – you look very nice tonight.”

“Thank you.” She wet her lips with her tongue, smiling with satisfaction when his gaze dropped to her mouth.

“Do you think my skirt is scandalously short?” she asked.

“It’s shorter than you normally wear.” He couldn’t remember the last time he had even seen her in a skirt, let alone one that barely covered her ass.

“Very true,” she said with a sugar-sweet smile. “I wasn’t sure if I should wear the short skirt or not. My legs aren’t really my best feature – they’re too thick – but I figured if they didn’t like my legs, they could always look at my breasts. They’re definitely my best feature. Wouldn’t you agree, Thomas?”

“They’re, uh, very nice.” He felt like a mouse trapped between a cat’s paws.

“Thank you. Although I think the nylons and heels make my legs look pretty good. Do you agree?”

When he didn’t reply, she pressed her mouth to his ear and nudged the brim of his cowboy hat up with her nose. “Do you agree, Thomas?”

“Are they stockings?” he asked hoarsely.

This was insanity - total insanity - but he suddenly, desperately needed to know.

“They are.” Her breath tickled his ear. “I think stockings and a garter is sexy. Don’t you, Thomas?”

“Yes.” He slid one hand up her back and pressed her breasts harder against him. “What kind of panties are you wearing?”

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” she said.

He glanced around the dance floor before steering her past the couples swaying and circling in time to the music and toward the far end of the dance space. It was darker and quieter there, and he pressed her up against the wall.

He took another quick look around to confirm no one paid any attention to them. He slid his hand down Evelyn’s leg, squeezing her nylon-clad thigh before slipping it up under her skirt. She made a soft, breathless little moan when he cupped her naked ass. His fingers probed between her ass cheeks, finding the soft and silky material between them. He squeezed her ass again, pushing her against his erection as he breathed into her ear, “A thong.”

“You sound disappointed.” She let her lips brush against his earlobe.

He stroked the straps of the garter before running his fingers over the top of her stocking. “I was hoping for no panties.”

“What kind of girl do you think I am, Thomas?” She pressed her soft lips just below his ear, and he jerked against her.

“I’m beginning to think I have no idea what kind of girl you are,” he muttered.

“Of course,” her hand drifted down his back, stroking him through his t-shirt, “the no panties thing could easily be done. I could simply slip to the ladies’ room and take them off.”

He inhaled sharply and ground his pelvis against hers in a heated response. She gave another one of those soft and husky moans that set his skin on fire.

“Or,” she said, “we could go to your truck, and you could take my panties off for me.”

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