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The Christmas Nanny (EBOOK)

The Christmas Nanny (EBOOK)

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All I want for Christmas is my next door neighbour.

Widower Sam Black isn’t looking for love. 

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous or funny or tempting his neighbor is. Tess is not his priority. His son is.

But he and Oscar have been burned before.

When Oscar’s nanny quits unexpectedly, he’ll need a babysitter over Christmas break. Will the recently unemployed Tess be the perfect solution?

Fulfilling her dream of becoming a vet technician requires money, and Tess can’t turn down the sexy single dad next door when he asks her to babysit. Turns out, spending extra time with Sam is better than double overtime.

As she and Sam grow closer, Tess imagines a life with him and Oscar. But Sam’s been hurt before, and he’s made it clear he isn’t looking for anything serious.

Can Tess’s love, Oscar’s infatuation, and the magic of Christmas change Sam’s mind?  Or will Sam’s emotional scars keep him from accepting that Tess is the missing piece to his little family?



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Read an excerpt

“Listen, you probably know this already, but you’re a great dad.” I followed Sam down the stairs, shamelessly staring at his ass the entire way.

“Thanks, that means a lot to me,” Sam said. “I love that kid and I just want him to be happy.”

“He is. He definitely is,” I said. Telling myself to put my boots on and leave, I followed Sam into the kitchen instead. “He’s an amazing kid.”

He took a couple of wine glasses out of the cupboard and took the wine from the fridge. He poured us both a glass and handed one to me. “He is. Although, to be fair, he has been extraordinarily good about going to bed as of late. That is completely out of character for him. And you haven’t yet got to witness one of his infamous meltdowns.”

I laughed and then took a sip of wine. “Hmm, let’s hope we avoid meltdowns until after the New Year.”

Sam headed toward the living room and, like the smitten puppy I was, I followed him. The Twister mat was still spread out on the floor in front of the couch. We stepped over it and sat on the couch. Our thighs weren’t touching, but we were definitely sitting closer than we were last night. Feeling like a teenage girl on her first date, I took a fortifying drink of wine and tried to act normal.

Sam sipped at his wine, before his face took on a pensive look. “He’s been bringing up his mom more and more often lately. It’s hard for him now that he’s at school and he sees all the other kids’ moms.”

I took his hand and squeezed. “I’m sorry about the loss of your wife, Sam.”

“Thank you. Susan and I weren’t married though. We were planning on it, and then Susan got pregnant. I wanted to do a quick courthouse wedding, but she wanted to wait until after she had the baby. She said she wanted to walk down an aisle with our friends and family there, but also not be as big as a house when she did.”

His hand tightened on mine. “If I’d known…” he cleared his throat. “Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for telling Oscar you would go to his ballet class. You didn’t have to do that but I’m grateful you played along.”

“I wasn’t just playing along,” I said, hoping the hurt I felt wasn’t evident in my voice. “I meant what I said. I would love to watch him at his class. Unless you don’t want me to be there?”

“No, that’s not it. I just don’t want you to feel obligated to do something because Oscar asked you to do it.”

“I don’t,” I said. “I am looking forward to watching Oscar dazzle the world of ballet with his sick dance moves.”

Sam laughed and casually shifted closer until his thigh touched mine.

Holy crap. Was this really happening?

He stared at the Twister mat in front of us, tapping his foot on the closest red circle. “Oscar made you play Twister, huh?”

“Yeah. That kid is bendy as hell.” I jumped when Marmalade came streaking into the living room, followed by Jack. She bolted over the recliner before landing with a heavy thud on the floor. Jack jumped on her, and they wrestled furiously before Marmalade broke free and raced from the room. Jack chased after her, the sound of their footsteps weirdly loud in the quiet house.

“Man, for only having three legs and one eye that cat can move,” I said. I licked the wine that had spilled down the side of my glass, blushing furiously when I realized Sam was watching me. “Sorry, that was rude.”

He didn’t reply. He was staring at my mouth and when he finally lifted his gaze to mine, the desire in his eyes turned my mouth dry and my pussy wet. Rational thought left the room, and I slicked my tongue across my dry lower lip before whispering, “Sam.”

He took my wine glass and set it on the side table to join his before turning to face me. His big hand slid under my hair and cupped the back of my neck. When he tugged, I came willingly forward for his kiss, resting my hand on his thigh and parting my lips in invitation.

“Tess,” he breathed my name like a prayer before he brushed his mouth against mine. It was light and gentle, and I immediately wanted more. Needed more.

His grip tightened, holding me still as he kissed me again, those same light brushes that drove me insane with need. I licked his top lip, a quick flick of my tongue, satisfied at the sound of his low groan.

When he took the kiss deeper, I wanted to shout hallelujah. Instead, I parted my lips and welcomed his tongue, stroking it with my own and encouraging him with soft sounds of need. He tasted like wine and sin and, my God, could the guy kiss.

As he teased and tormented me with small nips and licks, his free hand stroked lazy circles over my thigh. I arched my back when his hand slipped to my ribs, silently encouraging him to move higher.

Instead, he traced each of my ribs before letting his fingers trail across the underside of one breast. I groaned in frustration. He made a low chuckle before kissing down my neck.

“Sam,” I moaned. “Please.”

“Patience, honey,” he said as his fingers stroked the hollow between my breasts.

Okay, so scratch off terrible at foreplay from his list of potential flaws.

I moved closer and tugged impatiently at the hem of his shirt, surprise and hot desire flowing through me when he lifted his arms so I could pull it over his head. I tossed it on the back of the couch and stared greedily at his gorgeous chest.

Good God, he really was in amazing shape. I reached out and trailed my finger over his abdominal muscles, smiling when he groaned harshly.

“You’re beautiful,” I said.

“So are you.” He kissed me again, the sweetness replaced with a hard possessiveness that heated me up to an inferno of need. He pushed me back onto the couch. I made a muffled grunt of pain when I landed on the toys Oscar had left behind.

He muttered a curse and pulled me into a sitting position. I was frantic to feel his hard length on top of me. Instead of taking the time to sweep the toys from the couch, I tugged hard on him, giggling when we rolled off the couch, landing with a heavy thud and a tangle of limbs on the slippery Twister mat.

“Shit. Are you okay?” Sam said.

I giggled again. “Yes. Are you?”

“Yes, I… oh, fuuuuck…” He groaned into my throat when I cupped his cock, my fingers stroking that heavy hardness.

It was difficult with the denim covering it to ascertain the straightness of it, but holy crap, I had no problem noticing he was bigger than Roger. I parted my legs and urged Sam to move between them. He did what I wanted, rubbing his cock against my pussy as I squeezed his narrow hips with my thighs.

We were probably a little too old to be dry humping on the floor of his living room, but I wasn’t about to tell him to stop. Not when it felt this good. He cupped my breast, rubbing his thumb over my hard nipple as he kissed the curve of my jaw.

“Sam, please.” I rocked against him, needing more of that delicious friction. I’d never come just from rubbing myself against a guy before, but hey, first time for everything, right?

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