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Tempted Ultra Bundle (EBOOK)

Tempted Ultra Bundle (EBOOK)

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With this bundle, you'll receive Books 1 to 3 in the Tempted series, plus a free novella!

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“No, no, no,” Lucy muttered under her breath. She thought briefly of pushing the ‘close doors’ button before holding the door instead.

He slipped through the elevator doors and nodded his thanks. He glanced at her as the doors closed and the elevator hummed its way down to the parking garage. “You’re working late this evening, Ms. Reid.”

She smiled stiffly at him. He was why she was working late when she should have been celebrating Amanda’s birthday with the rest of her friends. She sighed and brushed at a speck of lint on her skirt.

It wasn’t that she hated her new boss. She just really, really disliked him. Jason Young was by far the most arrogant, egotistical jackass she’d ever had to work for. It didn’t matter that in the last six months, he had taken their small, unassuming website and turned it into one of the most-viewed websites of the year. Nor did it matter that he had secured so many new advertisers that everyone in the office had received a bonus and ten percent raise. She knew he was good at what he did - it’s why he was hired in the first place. The problem was that she was a damn fine copy editor, and she worked her ass off for the company, but for some mysterious reason, Jason Young loathed her.

Today was particularly brutal. She had stayed positive only by reminding herself that it was Friday, and she could forget the day with a few well-timed tequila shots at Amanda’s birthday party. Of course, thanks to Mr. Young, that plan was shot after lunch.

She sighed again and glanced at her cell phone. It was only eight thirty. She could go home, change into something slinky and sexy and still meet the gang at the pub. She realized her boss was standing a little closer and staring silently at her.

She shot him a dirty look before returning her gaze to her cell phone. She was off the clock. There was no need to be friendly or polite with him.

“Ms. Reid, do you have a problem with me?” he asked suddenly.

“Why would you think that?” she asked.

“Because you -”

The elevator came to a sudden, grinding halt. The lights went out, plunging them into darkness and throwing Lucy against him. Her cell phone flew out of her hand and hit the elevator wall with a crunching noise that made her wince.

She shrank against him, her heart thudding in her chest. The emergency lights came on with a low buzz and bathed the elevator in a dim red light. She was still pressed against him with panicked intimacy. He was holding her with his large hands clamped around her full hips, and she flushed and shoved at his hard chest.

“Let go of me.”

“Just wait a minute, I think -”

She gasped as the elevator made another groaning lurch and dropped a few more feet. Her stomach dropped with it, and her fear made her clutch Jason’s broad shoulders.

“What the hell?” she said.

He frowned. “The elevator seems to be broken.”

She pushed again at his chest. “Let me go, please.”

His gaze dropped to her mouth and lingered there. His stare and the warmth of his hands on her hips made her skin tingle. She licked her lips nervously. His gaze darkened, and his nostrils flared, and she stared mesmerized at the dark stubble that covered his lower face. She had the sudden urge to kiss the dark shadow, to lick it with her tongue and feel it prickle against her lips.

She was actually leaning forward when he gently pushed her away.

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