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Survive Book Five (PAPERBACK)

Survive Book Five (PAPERBACK)

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A desperate woman.  A Draax sworn to protect her.  Will love conquer all?

The job was supposed to be easy.  Mediate a dispute between the western Draax king and humans and return to Earth for a hard-earned promotion.

Until a rival Draax king kidnaps my mother and forces me to help him. 

I’m no spy, but I’ll do whatever it takes to save my mother, including lying to and sabotaging the Draax king I’m meant to help.

I know my plan will work… until I meet Krey.

A king’s guard and the western king’s adopted brother, Krey is sweet and sexy, and he wants me.

He’s willing to keep things casual, but fate can be a real jerk sometimes.  We’re falling in love.  Only the person Krey believes I am is a lie.

Krey promises to protect me.  But what happens when he discovers my betrayal?

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