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Surrender Book Four (PAPERBACK)

Surrender Book Four (PAPERBACK)

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An attraction impossible to resist.

Finding out you have only two months to live really puts a damper on a girl’s plans.

But thanks to the Draax healing juice, I’ve got my life back…

And all I have to do is work on their planet for a year. 

One and done.  My sister needs to return to Earth, and I need to go with her because nothing matters more than her.

Until a quiet, slightly grumpy, and sexy as hell Draax makes me reconsider.

Melu might be one of the few Draax not interested in a relationship, but it doesn’t stop our mutual fascination with each other.  The chance for a little sexy fun is impossible to resist.

He’s not looking for a mate and I can’t stay, so a friends-with-benefits agreement is perfect.   

Our story can’t end with happily ever after. 

So, why does being with Melu make me ache to stay by his side?  Why do his possessiveness and surprisingly sweet nature have me dreaming of a new future?

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