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Surrender Book Four (EBOOK)

Surrender Book Four (EBOOK)

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An attraction impossible to resist.

Finding out you have only two months to live really puts a damper on a girl’s plans.

But thanks to the Draax healing juice, I’ve got my life back…

And all I have to do is work on their planet for a year. 

One and done.  My sister needs to return to Earth, and I need to go with her because nothing matters more than her.

Until a quiet, slightly grumpy, and sexy as hell Draax makes me reconsider.

Melu might be one of the few Draax not interested in a relationship, but it doesn’t stop our mutual fascination with each other.  The chance for a little sexy fun is impossible to resist.

He’s not looking for a mate and I can’t stay, so a friends-with-benefits agreement is perfect.   

Our story can’t end with happily ever after. 

So, why does being with Melu make me ache to stay by his side?  Why do his possessiveness and surprisingly sweet nature have me dreaming of a new future?



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The door opened and I froze on the couch, staring at Inara as she stepped inside my office and closed the door.

“Hello, Melu.”

“Hello.” My voice came out weird… strangled and angrier than I intended.

I could see her throat working as she swallowed, could practically smell her anxiety, but she walked over and sat on the couch next to me. My tail thumped against the arm of the couch. She’d left plenty of space between us, but just being this close to her was torture.

“Why did you leave your party?” she said.

I shrugged, trying to breath shallowly, trying not to think about the female next to me being naked, her mouth on my cock, her beautiful breasts filling my hands as she moaned around my cock.

Krono! My attempt at staving off an erection failed miserably. The bulge in my pants was extremely noticeable and my skin darkened with embarrassment when the little female glanced at my crotch.

Instead of running away, she slid a little closer and my breath caught in my throat when she rested her hand on my thigh.

“Inara,” my voice was hoarse, “why are you here?”

“Do the Draax give birthday gifts, Melu?”

“Only to our young ones.” I couldn’t stop staring at her long fingers, couldn’t stop wondering what it would look like to have them wrapped around my cock.

“Adults don’t get gifts?” She shifted even closer until her thigh pressed against mine.

“Not usually.” I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t concentrate. Why was she torturing me like this?

“I have a birthday gift for you. Can I give it to you?”

I stared at her perfect mouth and at her flame-coloured hair, before clearing my throat. “You did not need to buy me a gift.”

She smiled, but I could see the nervousness in her face. “I didn’t exactly buy it.”

“What is your gift?” I said.

“I want to suck your cock.”

My breath exploded from my lungs and my cock stiffened into a hard spike. I’d heard her wrong. She hadn’t said what she said.

“What?” I croaked, my hips arching when she rested her hand against my cock. “What did you say?”

She stared steadily at me even though her face was now the same colour as her hair. “I want to give you a blow job for your birthday, will you let me?”

“Inara, I do not… that is… you are too young for me and -”

“I’m not,” she said. “Please, Melu. I want to do this very much.”

“Why?” I said, trying to ignore the pressure of her palm against my aching dick. How long had it been since I’d felt a female’s touch? Had a hand other than my own on my cock? Too long.

“Because I’ve never thanked you properly for saving my life in the garden and for your kindness to my sister.” She reached for the buttons on my pants, popping them open one by one. “Because it’s your birthday.”

“Inara, we should not,” I groaned as she opened my pants.

“We should,” she whispered. Her hand traced the outline of my shaft through my briefs and I was lost.

I reached down and freed my cock from the confines of my clothing, staring heatedly at Inara before reaching up and cupping the back of her neck. She smiled at me and leaned down. Her warm breath on the head of my cock was almost enough to make me lose control.

A groan escaped when she licked the head of my cock, cleaning it of the precum that already coated it. She glanced up at me. “The rumours are true. It does taste like gallberries.”

“Please, sweet human,” I groaned. “Your mouth. Suck me.”

She slid her mouth over my dick, and I moaned loudly. Krono, my little female was so sweet. I swept her beautiful hair away from her face, holding it in a loose ponytail as I watched her suck my cock. She gripped the base of the shaft, rubbing lightly as she teased the head with her tongue. My hips rose and fell, and I cupped her breast through her dress and squeezed gently before rubbing her hip.

“Get on your knees on the couch,” I said.

She glanced up at me, her mouth full of my cock, and I smoothed her hair back again. “Do it, sweet girl.”

She got onto her knees on the couch, bracing one hand on my thigh and keeping the other wrapped around the base of my dick as she sucked. I immediately ran my hand over her upturned ass, squeezing and kneading the firm cheeks as she licked up and down my shaft.

I pulled her dress up around her waist, my lust intensifying when I saw the tiny pair of panties she wore. I rubbed her bare ass cheeks before tugging on the thin piece of material nestled between them.

She squeaked around my cock and I rubbed her ass again. “Spread your legs, Inara.”

She spread them eagerly and I kept her hair wrapped around one hand so I could see her face when I slid my other hand between her legs and cupped her pussy.

Her panties were wet, and I growled my approval then slipped my fingers under the material and stroking her pussy lips before rubbing her clit.

She pulled her mouth from my dick, crying out her pleasure as her hand squeezed my thigh. “Melu, please!”

“Keep sucking, sweet one,” I said, using her hair to guide her mouth back to my dick.

She sucked eagerly, rubbing her wet pussy against my fingers. I smoothed her hair back from her face and rubbed her clit in light circles. “You look beautiful sucking my cock, little female.”

The door to my office opened and Krey strolled in. “Melu, you bastard, you cannot leave your own life celebration and expect…”

Inara tried to lift her head, her hand digging into my thigh when I palmed the back of her skull and kept her mouth right where it was. “No, sweet one, keep sucking.”

Krey shut the door and sat down on the couch behind Inara. He grinned at me. “I see you are enjoying your life celebration.”

I stroked Inara’s cheek with my thumb and smiled at her. “My little female is giving me the sweetest gift.”

“Your little female’s pussy is very wet,” Krey said. “She has soaked through her panties.”

Inara moaned around my cock when Krey stroked her ass. “It cannot be comfortable for her.”

“No,” I agreed. “Help her, Krey.”

Krey leaned over and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of Inara’s panties, tugging them off her ass and down her legs before dropping them on the floor.

“Krono, she has a very pretty pussy,” Krey said.

I reached between her legs again, rubbing her swollen clit as I studied her face. I loosened my grip on her head, giving her the opportunity to lift her head and tell us to stop. She released my cock with a soft pop and turned her head to stare at Krey.

“Hello, pretty human,” Krey said.

“Hi, Krey.” Inara’s voice was low and her lips were shiny with my precum. She licked her lips and I stayed perfectly still. I may possibly have ruined the amazing gift Inara was giving me by not asking Krey to leave, but I had seen the way she looked at him. She wanted him as much as she wanted me, and I would give her the opportunity to have exactly what she wanted.

She smiled tentatively at me and instead of telling both Krey and I to stop, she took a deep breath and sucked my cock with renewed vigor.

I groaned, twisting her hair in my hand and praising her softly as my hips rose. “Good girl, sweet one.”

I glanced over at Krey. His pants were unbuttoned, and he had freed his cock. He stroked it slowly as he studied Inara’s pussy. He drew in a shuddering breath before looking up at me. “Krono, I want to taste your female’s pussy. May I?”

I stared down at Inara, watched the flare of fresh lust in her gaze as she looked up at me with her lips spread wide around my thick cock. I smiled at her and wiped away the saliva and precum from her chin.

“Yes,” I said, “taste her, Krey.”

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