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Sordid Games (EBOOK)

Sordid Games (EBOOK)

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Rudolph isn't the only one playing games this Christmas...

Daisy Morrison’s plan for a quiet and perfectly dull Christmas isn’t working out.  Her roommate has a secret boyfriend and, terrified her family will find out, convinces Daisy to be her pretend lesbian lover during the holidays.  Sleeping with a handsome and sexy stranger the night before she meets her “girlfriend’s” family probably isn’t Daisy’s wisest idea.  But it’s only one night.  What could possibly go wrong?

Wes McKinley wasn’t looking to hook up at the bar during the holidays.  He just needed a night away from his crazy, well-meaning family.  Yet when he meets Daisy, he can’t resist her sweetness or the instant connection they have.  Sleeping with a woman he barely knows isn’t his usual thing, but it’s only one night.  What could possibly go wrong? ​

When Wes and Daisy meet again in the last place they expected, Wes suspects she’s playing games.  But if he has his way, in the end neither of them will lose….



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I was nervous. I didn’t want to be, I wanted to look sexy and confident, but the way my hand shook when I tried to insert the card key into the lock, didn’t exactly scream confidence. Wes’ big hand covered mine and he helped me insert the card into the slot. The red light turned green and I opened the door before stepping out of the cold air and into the room. As I fumbled for the light, I had a sudden dismaying thought. What if Frannie was here? What if she had finished with Owen and was sleeping in the second double bed?

Inner Daisy sighed and said, She won’t be. She’s spending the night with Owen and you know that, you goober. Relax for God’s sake. Just because you’re about to get naked and have sex with the perfect man doesn’t mean you have to act like a complete idiot.

I took a deep breath. My inner voice was right. Besides, maybe Wes was good looking and funny and smart. Maybe the little dimple that showed up in his right cheek every time he smiled at me made me nearly drip with anticipation. But he wasn’t perfect. No one was.

He looks perfect.

He looked perfect, but he wasn’t. He probably had, I don’t know, a small dick. I seized on that thought almost desperately. Yes, he probably had a small dick and was terrible in bed. He probably sucked at sex and it would be awkward and weird and my first one-night stand would be a complete bust.


I realized we were still standing in the doorway in the dark and I hurriedly found the switch and flipped it on. Both double beds were empty and I took a deep breath before turning to smile at Wes. “Sorry.”

He studied me carefully. The door was still open and coldness was creeping into the room.

“Are you going to shut the door?” I crossed my arms nervously over my torso.

“If you’ve changed your mind, I can leave.”

I blinked at him. “I – I haven’t changed my mind. Have you?”

“No, but you look nervous.”

“I am nervous,” I admitted.

“Don’t be.” He shut the door and locked it before taking off his boots. I kicked mine off and held my hand out for his jacket. He handed it to me and I tossed them onto Frannie’s bed.

“Easy for you to say,” I said. “You’re really handsome and have the perfect body so…”

I studied the cheap carpet under my feet. What was wrong with me? I usually had more self-confidence than this in bed. Of course, I hadn’t been with anyone but Richard in the last two and a half years. Richard was used to the scar on my tummy from my appendectomy, my weirdly long toes, and the –

I suddenly froze and gave Wes a look of panic. “Oh shit.”

“What?” He was reaching for me and he stopped immediately. “What’s wrong?”

“I haven’t shaved.”

He laughed. “I haven’t shaved either.”

“You don’t understand,” I said. “I haven’t shaved in weeks. We’re at Sasquatch levels of hair.”

“I really don’t care if your legs aren’t shaved, Daisy. I swear.” Wes reached down and adjusted the obvious bulge at the front of his jeans. “Let me show you how much I don’t care.”

“It’s, uh, not just my legs.” I glanced at my crotch. “I haven’t exactly kept up with my, uh, waxing routine since I’ve been single.”

Wes followed my gaze to my crotch and I turned bright red. “You know what? Let’s turn the lights off.”

“Are you kidding me?” Wes said teasingly. “You can’t tell me something like that and then expect me not to look.”

“No way,” I said. “I want the lights off and both of us under the covers.”

Wes grabbed my hand before I could shut off the lights. “Sorry, darlin’, but that’s not happening.” He pulled me into his arms and kissed me until I was clinging to him and panting. He kissed his way to my ear and sucked on my earlobe. “I want to see every inch of your tight little body tonight.”

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