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Rule Book Two (PAPERBACK)

Rule Book Two (PAPERBACK)

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Three hearts, an uncertain future.  Will love rule?

I never thought I would give up everything and sign up for a lifetime breeding contract with an alien race.  Although, being mated to a big green alien is a far better fate than my perilous struggle here on Earth.

Being one of the lowers, I didn’t expect to be matched with the Draax king. Who knew I would be what they referred to as a guaranteed breeder?

Only, there’s been a mix up. 

This is a farm, not a palace.

Waiting out a month-long storm with two surprisingly sexy Draax and one adorable little girl in need of a nanny, shouldn’t be that bad, right?  So, why am I craving both Bran and Court in my bed and wishing I could break my breeding contract with the king?

Except, violating my contract means life imprisonment back on Earth.

When the storm ends and the king arrives, I’ll have to go with him… or will I?

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