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Rosalie Undone Book Six (EBOOK)

Rosalie Undone Book Six (EBOOK)

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Falling in love wasn't part of the plan.

Sweet, shy and… human. Rosalie Parker wants one thing - her coworker and lion shifter, Lincoln. There’s only one problem. Lion shifters have a reputation for enjoying the kink and Rosalie is far from kinky.

Determined to win Lincoln over, Rosalie will do whatever it takes - including stepping out of her comfort zone and into the kinky zone. The last person she expects to volunteer for kink teaching is grumpy polar bear shifter, Hudson. And why does she forget all about Lincoln when she's in Hudson's arms?

Hudson shouldn’t get closer to Rosalie. Sure, her sweet nature and her soft curves have him and his bear all worked up but being anything more than friends is dangerous. He has a price on his head and sooner or later, it’ll be collected.

But he can’t stay away from her.

Will their unconventional friendship turn into something more? Or will the bounty on his life destroy their chance at happiness?



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Read an excerpt

“You okay, buddy?” Judd leaned against the bar.

“Fine.” Hudson twisted off the cap to a beer bottle and handed it to the deer shifter. She gave him a nervous smile of thanks and handed him some cash before disappearing into the crowd.

“You sure?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because a lion shifter is hitting on your woman.”

“She’s not my woman.” He kept his gaze on the bar. If he even looked at Rosalie, if he even saw the lion shifter touching her, he’d rip him apart. He was holding on to his self-control by the thinnest of threads.

His hand clenched around the bar rag when he caught a whiff of the lion’s scent. He looked up, just in time to see the asshole walk down the hallway toward the bathroom. He chanced a quick glance at Rosalie. She was sitting by herself at the table and she was staring at him. She gave him a nervous smile and a little wave.

He gave her a short nod and the smile on her face disappeared. When she mouthed, “what’s wrong?”, he immediately looked away.

“I can kick the lion shifter out,” Judd said. “Make up some excuse and give him the boot so you don’t have to watch him keep touching her.”

Fresh new anger rushed through Hudson. He glared at Judd. “He’s touching her?”

“Uh,” Judd shook his head quickly, “probably not. I mean, I don’t know. I didn’t get a good look at them and -”

Hudson threw the rag into the sink. “Porter? Can I take a five-minute break?”

Porter nodded from the other end of the bar. “Yeah, take your full fifteen.”


“Hudson, don’t do anything stupid. Okay?” Judd grabbed his arm.

“Let go of me,” Hudson said.

“Just don’t do something dumb to that lion shifter,” Judd said.

“I just want to talk to him,” Hudson said in a low voice. His fangs dropped, and he bared them at Judd. “Let go of me. I won’t ask again.”

“Well, shit.” Judd released him.

Hudson stepped out from behind the bar and headed down the hallway. The lion shifter was just coming out of the bathroom. Surprisingly, the hallway was empty, and Hudson stopped in the middle of it, blocking the lion’s path.

The lion cocked his head and looked him up and down. “Excuse me, please.”

“Stay away from the human.”

The shifter’s gaze turned cool and he gave him an insolent look. “Does she belong to you, polar bear? Because I can’t smell even a whiff of your scent on her. Besides, since when do polar bears fuck humans?”

Hudson growled at him, and the lion shifter made a low hiss in return.

“Do not touch her again, lion shifter, or I’ll tear you apart.”

“She came on to me,” the shifter said. “If she’s your woman, you’d best get a handle on her before she decides fucking a lion shifter is more fun than fucking a polar bear with anger issues.”

Hudson snarled and grabbed the lion shifter by the throat. He slammed him up against the wall and glared at the impudent little prick. “Don’t look at her, don’t touch her, don’t even get within a foot of her, or I’ll -”

“Hudson? Hudson, what are you doing? Let him go!” Rosalie hurried forward and grabbed his arm. She yanked on it, her eyes wide and frightened looking. “Hudson, stop.”

He released the lion and stepped back, breathing harshly as the lion shifter coughed and then dragged in a breath of air.

“Koren? Are you okay?” When Rosalie tried to get close to the lion, Hudson growled and wrapped his arm around her waist. He pulled her up against his body as she made a startled noise and stared up at him. “Hudson, what is wrong with you?”

“Don’t touch him.”


Koren straightened his shirt and pushed away from the wall. He rubbed at his throat before giving Rosalie a thin smile. He walked away, and when Rosalie tried to follow him back out into the bar, Hudson tightened his grip on her waist.

“Koren, wait!” Rosalie called. She yanked on Hudson’s arm before glaring up at him. “Hey, let go of me.”

He released her but grabbed her hand before she could follow the lion shifter. “Rosalie, come with me.”

“What? Where?”

He held her hand in a tight grip as two female raccoon shifters, giggling and swaying drunkenly, wandered into the hallway.

“Oh wow, you’re totally the biggest dude I’ve ever seen. I think I wanna climb you like a tree,” the one on the left slurred out and then hiccupped.

Completely ignoring the drunk raccoon shifters, Hudson tugged Rosalie into Porter’s office and slammed the door shut behind them.

* * *

Porter’s office was small. Rosalie backed up until her butt hit the edge of his desk. She glared at Hudson when he slammed the door shut and gave her an angry look.

“What’s your problem, Hudson?”

“My problem? You’re out there trying to pick up a goddamn lion shifter and you want to know what my problem is?”

“Koren is nice and -”

“You don’t know anything about him, Rosalie.”

“Do you?”

“No, but that’s not the point. He could be dangerous.”

“Or he could be a perfectly normal guy who wants to sleep with me.”

Hudson’s face turned red and he growled deep in his chest. “You’re going to sleep with him?”

“Yes, probably. I think. I mean, if you didn’t scare him off then yeah, yeah I’m gonna sleep with him.”

His scowl was so deep, she could practically climb into it. “No, you’re not. You are not taking that lion shifter home.”

Her mouth dropped open. “I’m an adult, and you don’t get to tell me what to do. If I want to sleep with a lion shifter, then I will, and you can’t stop me.”

He growled again, and she glared at him. “Growl all you want. I’m not afraid of you.”

“I thought you were in love with that idiot Lincoln,” he said. “I thought you wanted to fuck him.”

Now it was her turn to go red. “Stop being crude.”

“It’s the truth, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but you don’t have to be so, so -”

“If you’re in love with the stupid lion, then why are you going to fuck a different stupid lion?”

Her temper flared. “For practice, okay? Lincoln likes kink and I have two weeks to learn and to-to practice some sex stuff before I ask him out.”

“Two weeks to practice,” he repeated.

“Yes.” She tugged at the top of her dress. “I don’t have a lot of experience and I need to change that if I’m going to seduce Lincoln so…”

“How many shifters are you planning on sleeping with?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but as many as it takes to learn to do what Lincoln wants in bed,” she said, “and before you start slut shaming me, there’s nothing wrong with a woman having multiple sex partners if that’s what she -”


“No, what? Why are you growing a beard?” Her eyes widened as the shoulder seams of his t-shirt ripped. “Are you shifting? Stop shifting!”

He took a deep breath, and she watched in fascination as his body slowly returned to normal size and the beard faded from his jaw.

“You’re not sleeping with other shifters,” Hudson said.

“Uh, yeah I am,” she said.


“Stop saying no! I need to learn how to be kinky and -”

“I’ll teach you.”

“If I even want to have a chance at winning over Lincoln, I have to stop being so shy in bed and start… what did you say?” She stared at the giant bear shifter.

“I’ll teach you how to be kinky in bed.”

She gaped at him and then burst into laughter. “Good one, Hudson. Seriously, that was really funny. But, if you don’t mind, I need to see if Koren -”

“I’m not joking, Rosalie.” Hudson stepped toward her.

Her laughter died out. “You are. Of course you are.”

“I’m not.”

“But you’re not attracted to me. You hate it when I touch you. You won’t even be able to-to…”

He stepped even closer. Even with her heels making her six feet, she still had to stare up at him as he rested his big hands on the desk on either side of her. “Won’t even be able to what?”

“Get it up.” Her voice came out in a high squeak that didn’t sound remotely like her usual voice.

“Are you saying I’m impotent?”

“What? No, no I’m not saying that.” She couldn’t seem to look away from his gaze. “I’m saying you’re not attracted to me so you’re not going to…”

Her voice ended in another of those weird little squeaks when he traced one thick finger over her collarbone.

“H-Hudson, what are you doing?”

He bent his head and sniffed her neck. “A shifter would have to be blind or stupid not to be attracted to you, little human. Do you think I’m stupid?”

“No but… you don’t like to be touched by me,” she whispered.

He gave a lock of her hair a gentle tug before bending his head again. This time he licked her collarbone and every muscle deep in her lower belly clenched. She was suddenly finding it hard to breathe, and her nipples were hard points against the fabric of her bra.

Oh God, was she getting wet?

She was getting wet.

For Hudson.

Desperate to regain control, she lied through her teeth. “I’m not attracted to you.”

He laughed, that warm deep laugh that she heard so rarely. It had the same effect it always did. Butterflies swarmed to life in her stomach and goose bumps rose on her arms.

“There you go, trying to lie again, little human.”

“I’m not lying. I’m not -”

His lips pressed against hers as one heavy arm curled around her waist. He drew her up against him and she grabbed his arms, sinking her fingers into his hard flesh. Dear God, was he – was that his erection pressing against her belly?

He sucked on her bottom lip before pressing soft kisses against her mouth. He teased and coaxed, licking the seam of her lips with the tip of his tongue as his big hand rubbed her lower back through her shirt. He was being so damn gentle. Until this moment, she would never have believed this type of gentleness could even exist in Hudson.

“Open your mouth, sweet Rosie.” His low voice saying her nickname sent fresh arousal through her. She opened her mouth immediately.

He growled his approval and licked her upper lip before sucking on it. He traced her bottom lip with his tongue before kissing his way to her ear. He sucked on her earlobe and her heart banged against her ribcage. She was growing increasingly distracted by the low pleading for a kiss. Who the hell was sounding so desperate? So needy?

“Shh, little Rosie.” Hudson’s breath tickled her ear. “I’ll give you what you need.”

Holy shit. She was the one pleading.

Another low moan slipped out. “Hudson, please kiss me.”

He nipped her bottom lip and she moaned happily when he slipped his tongue into her mouth. He angled his mouth over hers, his hand threading through her hair and cupping the back of her skull to hold her steady as he tasted her. She rubbed her tongue against his, slid her arms around his waist, and shoved her hands up the back of his shirt. His skin was deliciously hot against her fingertips. She pressed herself up against that hard length digging into her belly.

He kissed her repeatedly. Kissed her until she was weak and trembling and fuzzy-headed. There was a gentleness in each brush of his mouth against hers, but she could sense the hunger beneath it. Like he was holding back, maybe. Like he was afraid he would hurt her or scare her.

“I want more,” she breathed against his mouth. She reached for his big hand where it rested against her hip and tried to tug it to her breast. “More, Hudson.”
She was frantic for his touch. She wanted to see what was under that gentleness. She wanted to make him lose control.

“Not here, Rosie.”

“Yes!” If she hadn’t been so damn horny, she might have been embarrassed by the whine in her voice. “Hudson!”
He kissed her again, but she couldn’t pry his hand away from her hip no matter how hard she tried. She stood on her tiptoes and rubbed her aching pussy directly against his erection. It brought a low groan from his throat, and excitement rushed through her. His hand tightened on her hip, and she rubbed against him again.

“Please.” She licked his mouth and his low growl sent a wave of lust through her. She licked his mouth again and scratched her nails across his lower back. “Please.”

His second growl was louder. Hungrier. He kissed her hard just as the door to Porter’s office opened.

“Hudson, are you… shit.”

Hudson pulled away from her and she staggered back against the desk. She stared wide-eyed at Judd standing in the doorway.

“You can’t do this in here, man. Porter’s a good guy, but he’ll fire you for fucking a human in his office,” Judd said.

“We weren’t, he wasn’t…” Rosalie touched her swollen mouth as Hudson made a sound of frustration.

The three of them stood in silence before Rosalie straightened her back. “I have to go.”

“Rosalie, don’t let the lion shifter touch you.” Hudson said.

She turned to him, ready to let loose with a barrage of indignant and well-deserved retorts about how he didn’t have the right to tell her who she could or couldn’t touch. The look of intensity on his face shut her mouth with a snap. She nodded mutely.

“Promise me,” he said.

“I promise,” she whispered before pushing past Judd and walking rapidly down the hallway and back into the bar. She needed to find Maggie and get the hell out of here before Koren tried to touch her. If Hudson saw Koren touching her, he’d kill him. She was sure of it.

Don’t be stupid, Rosalie. Hudson wouldn’t kill a guy just for touching you. God, you really think you’re all that, don’t you? her inner voice said.

She almost laughed when she saw Koren. Her fear had been for nothing. The lion shifter was back standing at the bar and he was already flirting with another woman.

“Rosalie? What the hell is going on?” Maggie was suddenly standing next to her and Rosalie grabbed her hand.

“I want to leave. Please, can we leave?”

Maggie studied her face. “Your mouth is swollen. Oh my God, did Koren hurt you? Did he -”

“No, no, nothing like that,” Rosalie said. “Something’s happened and I need to talk – can we go somewhere more private?”

“Of course.” Maggie squeezed her hand, and Rosalie followed her out of the bar.

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