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Redeeming Harmony (PAPERBACK)

Redeeming Harmony (PAPERBACK)

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The art of love is messy.

Harper’s life goal never included returning to Harmony Falls a failure.

If her art career flopping wasn’t depressing enough, her father selling his vet clinic to the intelligent and way-too-sexy-for-his-own-good, Nathan Henshaw spoils Harper’s sense of security. 

Harper’s life may be a complete disaster but sparring and sleeping with Nathan is the perfect distraction.  She just needs to keep those pesky feelings for him at bay.

Nathan doesn’t have time for Harper and her spoiled brat routine, even if he’s a little too obsessed with her smart mouth, thorny attitude, and perfect body.  He needs to focus on his new clinic.

Only, there’s much more to Harper that he finds irresistible.

And the growing attraction between them proves impossible to ignore.

When gossip and rumours leave the clinic facing financial ruin, he and Harper must work together to regain the town’s trust while navigating falling in love.

But when Harper’s insecurities threaten her artistic dreams and her relationship with Nathan, can he show her she’s worthy of love or will Harper push him away?

Author's Note:  This is book four in the Harmony Falls Series, but can be read as a stand alone.

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