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Rebel Book Three (PAPERBACK)

Rebel Book Three (PAPERBACK)

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A black market thief.  The king’s best friend.  A forbidden attraction.

Being a lower in Earth’s society isn’t a walk in the park. 

I survive by stealing and selling the Draax healing juice on the black market.

Until I steal from the wrong Draax ship. 

It’s just my luck I got caught by a gorgeous copper-eyed Draax named Galan.  Did I mention he’s the freaking head of the King’s Guard and the King’s best friend? 

Now, a war between two alien races has me trapped on the Draax planet until they can send me back to Earth to await a far worse fate.

I need an escape plan.

Instead, I can’t get Galen out of my head. It’s his job to protect the king from people like me, but our attraction could put both our lives at risk.

We’re growing closer every day, but the clock is ticking.  Our love story can’t have a happy ending.  Or can it?

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