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Perfect Harmony (PAPERBACK)

Perfect Harmony (PAPERBACK)

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He's worth the wait.

Grace knows she can never have what she wants most... 

Her best friend’s brother.

Sheriff Gideon Walker is off limits, but the small-town life of Harmony Falls makes avoiding him impossible.  Her childhood crush isn’t making it any easier on her… not when his strict hands-off policy has inexplicably disappeared.

But her parents’ history of conditional love has left Grace doubting her own worth.

Gideon knows being with Grace could tear the ties with his fragile sister apart.

So he’s spent the better part of a decade avoiding that forbidden fruit.

But when Grace needs his help, he can’t resist.  Especially after discovering that between the sheets she’s more than happy to submit to his control. 

Keeping their attraction hidden from his sister proves untenable, and as their relationship deepens, Gideon’s fears about losing Grace become impossible to ignore.

Will Gideon’s fear and Grace’s self-doubt tear them apart?  Or will they finally realize they’re stronger together?

Author’s Note:  “Perfect Harmony” is Book Two in The Harmony Falls Series.  It is a stand-alone story in the series.

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