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Perfect Harmony Book Two (EBOOK)

Perfect Harmony Book Two (EBOOK)

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He's worth the wait.

Grace knows she can never have what she wants most... 

Her best friend’s brother.

Sheriff Gideon Walker is off limits, but the small-town life of Harmony Falls makes avoiding him impossible.  Her childhood crush isn’t making it any easier on her… not when his strict hands-off policy has inexplicably disappeared.

But her parents’ history of conditional love has left Grace doubting her own worth.

Gideon knows being with Grace could tear the ties with his fragile sister apart.

So he’s spent the better part of a decade avoiding that forbidden fruit.

But when Grace needs his help, he can’t resist.  Especially after discovering that between the sheets she’s more than happy to submit to his control. 

Keeping their attraction hidden from his sister proves untenable, and as their relationship deepens, Gideon’s fears about losing Grace become impossible to ignore.

Will Gideon’s fear and Grace’s self-doubt tear them apart?  Or will they finally realize they’re stronger together?

Author’s Note:  “Perfect Harmony” is Book Two in The Harmony Falls Series.  It is a stand-alone story in the series.



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Read an excerpt

Grace cursed and yanked viciously at her bra. The wires were poking, and the band was digging into her soft flesh.

“Fuck it!” she muttered. She was almost home, but she absolutely couldn’t wear this hellish torture device one minute longer. Holding the steering wheel with one hand, she arched her back and stuck her hand down the back of her dress before clawing at the bra's hooks. The car weaved into the other lane, and she cursed again before steering it back to her lane. The hooks finally released, and she moaned happily when the band loosened.

She pulled the bra straps off her arms, yanked it out from under her dress, and tossed it into the back seat just as a siren went off behind her. She jerked, her hands tightening on the steering wheel as she stared in the rear-view mirror.

“No, no, no,” she said. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

For one crazy moment, she thought about just stomping on the gas before she came to her senses. She turned off the main road onto a quiet side street and parked before shutting off her car. Maybe it wouldn’t be him, maybe it would be Ian.

Either way, get your bra on, dumbass!, her inner voice demanded.

It was too late. The door of the police vehicle opened, and Gideon Walker's big body stepped out. He wore jeans with his shirt and police vest, and the denim clung to his thighs.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she whispered. She stared frantically at herself. The sun had set, but it wasn’t very dark yet. The streetlight she had parked under provided more than enough light to see the way her heavy breasts pushed at the thin material of her dress. It was more than evident that she was braless, and she quickly clamped her arms over her tits as Gideon stopped next to her window and leaned down.

“License and registration.”

“Gideon,” she said. “Seriously?”

He raised one eyebrow at her. “License and registration.”

She sighed in irritation, and keeping one arm across her chest, she yanked her wallet from her purse and fumbled it open. She pulled out her license and handed it to him before unbuckling her seatbelt and reaching into the glove box for the registration. He took it from her and perused both as she scowled at him.

“Why did you pull me over?”

He ducked his head into the car, and she had to fight her sudden urge to lick his neck. Being arrested for sexually assaulting the sheriff wasn’t her idea of a good fucking time. He studied the interior of her car before moving back a little.

“Where are you coming from tonight?”

“Your sister’s house.”

“Were you drinking?”

“No,” she said.

He stared at her, and she cleared her throat. “I had one beer, Gideon.”

“Just one?”

“Yes. You know I wouldn’t drink and drive. Why did you pull me over?” she said.

“You weaved into the other lane.” He stepped back and straightened.

She stared at his gun and the handcuffs hooked to his belt before her gaze dipped to his crotch. Her face flushed, and she hurriedly looked away. Was now the time to be thinking about his cock?

No, it definitely wasn’t.

“Step out of the car.”

“Are you kidding me?” she said. “Gideon, c’mon. You know I don’t drink and drive. Just give me a warning for distracted driving and let me go.”

“Step out of the car,” Gideon repeated. “Don’t make me ask you again.”

She hesitated a moment longer. Gideon made a low noise of disapproval and opened her car door. Keeping her arms crossed over her chest, she climbed out of her car and glared at him.

“You’re a real dick, Gideon.”

His gaze narrowed. “You might want to think twice before insulting a police officer.”

“You gonna arrest me for hurting your feelings?” she said. “Does the big bad sheriff hate it when a woman makes fun of him?”

“Enough,” Gideon growled. “You’re doing a sobriety test.”

“Like hell I am!” she nearly shouted. “I am not drunk.”

“Either do a sobriety test or park your car and walk home,” he said.

She glared at him. “Fine, I’ll walk.”

A brief look of shock crossed his face. She poked him hard in the chest, and he grunted in surprise as she said, “Get out of my way so I can start walking.”

He didn’t, and she poked him again. He scowled at her. “Don’t do that again, Grace.”

Slowly and deliberately, she poked him for a third time in the chest. His nostrils flared, and she squeaked in surprise when he grabbed her arms and turned her around. He pulled her arms away from her chest and pushed them onto the top of her car as he pinned her against the car with his hard body.

She stopped squirming immediately, her nerve endings lit on fire by the feel of Gideon’s body against hers.

“Let go of me,” she said in a trembling voice.

“You assaulted a police officer,” he said into her ear. “You’re lucky I don’t arrest you right here.”

His breath tickled her ear, and she supposed she should have been freaking out about the possibility of spending a night in jail. Instead, she was consumed by all sorts of images of Gideon and his handcuffs and just how he might use them on her.

Her pussy throbbed, and her nipples tightened, and if she were any wetter, she’d be fucking drowning in her own come.

“I – I poked you,” she squeaked out and then cleared her throat. “It was hardly an assault.”

“How much have you had to drink?” he said again. “You were weaving.”

“Oh, for God’s sake. I was taking off my bra.”


“My bra.” He was still holding her arms on the top of her car, so she thrust her chin toward her back seat. “My bra’s in the back seat. I was taking it off while I was driving, and that’s why I weaved, okay?”

“Keep your hands on the top of the car,” he said. He released her hands and shone his flashlight in the back window. Her bra was lying on the seat, and her cheeks burned as Gideon studied it before flicking off the light.

“Happy?” she said. “It was just a bit of distracted driving. If you don’t mind, I – oh God! Gideon, wh-what is that?”

* * *

The moment he saw the lacy pink bra in the back seat, all of the blood drained from Gideon’s head to his dick. It went from half-hard to fully erect in less than five seconds. Grace wasn’t wearing a bra. She was wearing a thin dress and no bra. If he wanted to, he could tug down that dress and lick and suck on her nipples. He’d finally know what colour they were, finally know how they’d taste, and how she would sound when he sucked on them.

Grace was speaking to him, but it was lost in the haze of lust that had descended over him. The sensible part of his brain screamed at him, but it was muffled and barely louder than a whisper. He stepped closer and let his erection press against Grace’s lovely ass.

“Oh God!” she said. “Gideon, wh-what is that?”

He stepped back. This was madness. He needed to tell Gracie to get into her car and drive home. He opened his mouth and said, “Spread your legs.”

She stared over the top of her car as her fingers curled into tight fists. “Why?”

“You assaulted a police officer. I need to check you for weapons.” He pressed his cock against her ass again. His pulse pounded when her back arched just the tiniest amount at the contact. He stared at her upper back and shoulders. The thin straps of her dress were flush against her skin, and he pictured sliding them down her arms. He placed his hands on her wrists and lowered his mouth to her ear.

“Spread your legs for me, Gracie,” he said in a low voice.

She moaned and spread her legs. Gideon stepped between them and rested his dick against her ass. She moaned again, and he nearly came in his fucking pants when she ground her ass against him.

“Don’t move,” he said harshly.

She stiffened, and he slowly slid his hands up her forearms to her upper arms. Her skin was satin soft, and he breathed in her delicious scent as he gently patted her upper arms.

“Gideon,” she whispered. “What are you doing?”

“Checking you for weapons,” he said.

He curved his hands around her shoulders and stroked her upper chest. She twitched when he ran his fingers over her collarbone.

“Stay still, Princess,” he said.

She shivered all over when he said her nickname. He ran his hands down her back to the generous curve of her waist. He cupped her waist and squeezed lightly before moving his hands to her stomach. He felt her suck it in as he stroked her round belly. He made a noise of disapproval and traced his finger along the curve of her lower belly.

“That tickles,” she said.

He moved his hands to her hips and cupped them. She inhaled sharply. “Gideon!”

“You’re not carrying anything that will hurt me, are you, Princess? Nothing concealed that will poke or stick me?”

“Where would I have it concealed?” she said.

He bit back his laughter as she said, “You’re one to talk about poking. I know that’s not your damn gun digging into my – oh my God!”

He had crouched behind her and slid his hands up her calves. She started to close her legs, and he slapped her right calf lightly. “Keep them open, Princess.”

She stopped moving, and he murmured, “good girl” under his breath. Her delightful ass was right in his face, and it took all of his willpower not to bite one plump cheek. Instead, he slid his hands up both her calves to her knees.

“Gideon?” Her usual self-confidence had disappeared, and she sounded nervous and unsure.

“Stay still, Gracie,” he said.

She trembled as he ran his hands up the outside of her thighs under her dress. He moved his hands to the back of her thighs just below the swell of that delectable ass, and she made a low moan of need when his fingers slipped to her inner thighs. Her legs widened automatically, and he groaned inwardly before sliding his hands down her inner thighs to her knees.

He stood, and she hitched in a shaky breath as he said, “Turn around, Princess.”

She turned and stared at him. He loved how tall she was. It would be so easy to lift her dress, pull down her panties, and fuck her against the car. Just lift her to her tiptoes and a quick twist of his hips, and he’d be inside of her.

His cock throbbed, and he clenched his hands into fists as she said, “What’s wrong?”

He’d deliberately avoided looking at her chest, but Christ, a man only had so much willpower. He dropped her gaze to her tits.

“Fuck,” he muttered.

Her breasts strained against the thin fabric of her dress. He could see the hard outline of her nipples against the cotton fabric, and he was itching to suck on them through the material.

“Turn back around, Princess,” he ordered before he could succumb to his madness.

“Gideon, this is ridiculous.”

“Do what I say.”

He could see the desire fading in her eyes to be replaced by impatience as she swung around to face the car again. He smiled to himself. God, he had always loved her short temper.

“Don’t move,” he said, placing her hands on the top of the car again. He reached down and rested his hands on her hips. She shuddered when he stroked the swell of her tummy.

“What are you do – oh, hell,” Grace moaned.

He cupped her breasts and leaned forward until his dick pressed hard against her ass. She arched her back, filling his hands with her warm flesh. He kneaded her heavy breasts before pinching both her nipples. She made a delightful moan that went straight to his cock. Fuck, could he be that lucky? Did Gracie like a little pain with her pleasure?

He took a quick look around as Gracie rubbed her ass against his cock. The side street she’d parked on was quiet, with no one outside on their porches or walking their dog. Still, it didn’t mean that they weren’t watching.

But the car hid Gracie’s upper body. If anyone were watching from inside their house, they’d see what looked like him doing a routine stop and body check. Nothing more.

He wouldn’t be able to see Grace’s tits or taste them, but he could at least touch them. Before his rational mind could tell him to stop, he slid his hands into the bodice of Grace’s dress and cupped both her tits. Her skin was warm and silky smooth, and her reaction made him want to lift the back of her dress, yank down her panties and slam his cock into her pussy.

She cried out, her hands digging into the top of the car as her head fell back to rest on his shoulder. He pulled on her diamond-hard nipples. She made another cry of pleasure, and with regret coursing through him, he said, “Lift your head, Princess.”

“Gideon, please,” she moaned.

“Head up,” he said.

With effort, she lifted her head and stared across the car with a glazed look of need as he rubbed and caressed her incredible breasts. He took another look around them and made a quick decision when he didn’t see anyone. He would regret it tomorrow, but right now, he would take what he wanted for once.

“Distracted driving is a substantial ticket, Princess,” he whispered into her ear.

“I – what?” she said.

He pressed his dick tight against her ass, smiling at her groan of need.

“Distracted driving gets you a ticket,” he said. “But I’ll be nice to you.”

“Just a warning?” She ground her ass against his dick.

“I’ll give you a choice,” he breathed into her ear as his gaze roamed the neighbourhood. “You can get a ticket for distracted driving, or you can climb into the back of my car, take off your panties, and watch as I eat out your pussy.”

She moaned, her ass grinding against him again when he pinched her nipples. “Well, Princess? What will it be? Ticket or pussy eating?”

“Pussy eating,” she said. “Definitely pussy eating.”

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