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Pale Moon Book Four (EBOOK)

Pale Moon Book Four (EBOOK)

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A dangerous power.  An undeniable love.

Unlike his siblings, Nicholas Williams has no desire to find a mate. But when a group of strange Lycans and a human woman named Max arrive at his home, Nicky is undeniably attracted to her.

On a dangerous quest to the outskirts to save his birth father's life, Nicholas is drawn to Max in a way he does not understand.  His urge to protect her and claim her as his own grows stronger with each passing day. 

But when Max reveals her strange powers - powers that can harm the people she cares about most - he must find a way to convince her to trust him.



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Read an excerpt

Nicholas stared in surprise at the silver-haired Lycan standing before him. “My birth father,” he repeated.

“Aye. He needs your help,” Meridan said.

Avery moved to Nicky’s side and took his hand. “How do you know his father?”

“We work for him.” Meridan indicated the two women standing next to him.

“Why did he not come himself?” Nicky asked.

“Your father has been taken by the leeches deep into the outskirts. We need your help in getting him back.

“Why would I help a man who abandoned me as a child?”

“He only learned of your existence three moons ago. Your mother’s cousin, Saredina, fell ill. Before she died, she sought out your father and told him about you. She told him that a Lycan named Tristan Williams had taken you and your sister away from the city. Your father was preparing to come here when he was taken by the leeches."

“If he was taken by the leeches to the outskirts then he is already dead,” Nicholas said.

Meridan shook his head. “No. The leeches have not killed him. I can assure you of that. They are holding him prisoner.”

“You’re wrong. The leeches do not take prisoners,” Nicky replied.

The female Lycan frowned at Meridan. “How can they not know? Do they not care what happens to their own kind?”

Meridan shook his head at the woman. “Quiet, Pavina. You forget that news does not travel as quickly in the country as it does in the city.”

“What are you talking about?” James led Bree towards Kaden and Sophia, standing her close to her brother and giving Kaden a brief look. Kaden nodded and put his arm around his sister, holding her against him.

James stood next to Nicholas and Avery and gave Meridan a hard stare. “Tell us what you mean before I lose my patience.”

“In the last year or so, there has been a surge in the number of humans that the leeches have taken. They have been turning the humans in an attempt to increase their own kind. Four moons ago it became clear why they were so desperate to increase their numbers. They needed larger numbers to take the Lycans. They’ve been abducting our kind and taking them to the outskirts.”

“Why would they do that?” Avery asked.

“They are experimenting on them.”

“What do you mean?” Nicholas frowned.

“They are attempting to make a hybrid of our kinds. Leech and Lycan mixed together. They believe they can use the Lycans to create a new race of vampires. They seek many of the Lycan’s unique abilities, but what they desire most is the Lycan’s ability to walk in the sun.”

“The gods be damned,” Avery breathed.

“Indeed,” Meridan said. “If the leeches are successful in their quest, if they create a new hybrid of leech and Lycan, then we are all in grave danger.”

“How do you know they have not already succeeded?” James asked.

Meridan shrugged. “We do not know for sure that they have not, but the rumour is that they are running into…issues.”

Pavina snorted. “The leeches are ridiculous for believing they can create a hybrid. The Lycan gene is too powerful to be diluted by the leech’s filth.”

“What are the issues?” Nicky asked.

“Lycans who have been infected by the leeches die with a moon or two of being bitten. Their healing powers go into overdrive trying to destroy the leech’s infection within their bodies. The constant attempt to heal takes an enormous toll on the Lycan. It saps their energy and strength and eventually kills them.”

There was a horrified silence in the room and Meridan sighed. “Despite their failure, the leeches do not seem to be giving up. More and more Lycans are being taken.”
“Including my birth father,” Nicky said.

“Aye. He was taken from the city nearly a moon ago. We are traveling to the outskirts to rescue him. Before he was kidnapped, your father confided in me about you and I made the decision to find you.”

When Nicholas didn’t reply, Meridan gave him a brief smile. “We have gathered many of your father’s friends and employees to help us, but we could always use more Lycans. It will only become more dangerous the closer we get to the outskirts.”

Nicky ran his hand restlessly through his hair. “You want me to help a man I’ve never met?”

“He is your father,” Pavina said sharply. “What kind of Lycan leaves his own blood to die?”

“Hush, Pavina,” Meridan said. “Nicholas, we believe there is a good chance that your father is still alive and has not been bitten yet. Your father is a good man, and there are many who are willing to risk their lives to save him. He is anxious to meet you.”

Meridan paused. “If he has been bitten, then at least give him the chance to meet his son before he dies.”

Nicky turned to his mother and her face paled at the look on his face. She cupped his face and gave him a frantic look. “Nicky, you do not know that they speak the truth.”

“We’re not lying!” Pavina snarled. She growled deep in her throat and her eyes turned a dark yellow as she took a step toward Avery and glared ominously at her. “You would be wise to hold your tongue, human. Not all Lycans are so complacent toward humans.”

She shrank back against Meridan, her eyes widening with fear, when a chorus of low growls answered her. Every single Lycan in the room began to shift, their eyes glowing fiercely as they stalked toward the three strangers. James and Nicky stood in front of Avery and used their large bodies to block her completely from the gaze of Meridan and the two women.

“Threaten our mother again and you will die in this room,” James said. His beard was heavy on his face and his upper body had swelled to nearly twice its size. His shirt ripped across his shoulders with a low, purring sound as Meridan put up his hands in a calming gesture.

“Please, she meant no offense. Pavina speaks without thinking.”

Nicky approached the female Lycan until he was standing only inches from her. He sniffed at her hair and then snarled under his breath. He bared his teeth at her, and a small whimper escaped her throat at the sight of his sharp fangs. She lowered her gaze to the floor.

“Keep your eyes on the floor. If you even look at my mother, I will pluck your eyes from your head and give them to her as a gift,” Nicholas growled.

Pavina whined softly in submission as Nicholas continued to stare at her.


Nicholas turned to his right. The human female was standing frozen with fear, but the small child strapped to her back was giving him a look of pure delight.

“Puppy,” she said again and before her mother could stop her, reached out and stroked the hair on Nicky’s cheek with her small hand.

“Violet, no!” the woman gasped. She pulled the child’s hand away and took a step back. “I’m sorry,” she said.

Nicky cocked his head and stared into the woman’s oddly-coloured eyes. He waited for her to drop her gaze like Pavina and when she didn’t, he leaned in and inhaled. She smelled delicious, he thought hazily. Underneath the smell of her fear, there was an exotic blend of vanilla and jasmine and the good clean scent of her child.

“Hi, puppy,” the little girl said, and her mother made a quiet moan of dismay.

Nicky, his body shrinking and the hair on his cheeks fading away, suddenly grinned at the toddler. “Hi, baby.”

He gently pinched the girl’s chubby cheek before stepping away. Sophia, Vivian and Evan had joined James and were standing in a tight cluster around Avery. They stepped back as he stood next to his mother. He put his arm around her and stared at Meridan.

“We speak the truth, Nicholas. I swear it,” the silver-haired Lycan said.

He didn’t reply and Avery squeezed his waist. “Nicky, we must speak to your father first. He is still in the barn with Leta.”

“Aye, I know,” he replied.

Avery turned to Evan. “Evan, go the barn and get your father. Go quickly.”

“Aye, Mama.” Evan started for the door of the common room. He paused, his eyes widening, when the faint sound of Leta screaming could be heard.

“Leta?” Avery whispered. She stood frozen for a moment and then bolted from the room.

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