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Forbidden Harmony Book Three (EBOOK)

Forbidden Harmony Book Three (EBOOK)

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She's done being the good girl.

Addison’s life was perfectly planned…

Until she caught her fiancé in bed with another woman.

Her ex-fiancé’s claim that she’s terrible in bed, left her reeling.  Now, the self-proclaimed good girl is looking for someone to help her be very bad.

And the sexy as hell, Preacher, is the perfect choice.

Asking Preacher to show her how to be a sexy vixen isn’t her worst idea.  But falling in love with the secretive tattoo artist most definitely is.

Preacher’s attraction to the prim and proper schoolteacher isn’t something he ever planned to act on.  The town’s good girl has starred in all of his dirtiest fantasies, but he’s certain his obsession is one-sided.

Until she approaches him with an offer promising to bring even his most deviant fantasies to life.

It’s only supposed to be sex.  But as Addison chips away at Preacher’s tough outer shell, she begins to see the real him.

But will Preacher’s past secrets destroy their chance at happiness?

Or can Addison convince him that he can outrun his past?

Author’s Note:  “Forbidden Harmony” is Book Three in The Harmony Falls Series.  It is a stand-alone story in the series.



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Read an excerpt

She was on the verge of changing her mind. It wasn’t because of Brad’s bad breath or the way he acted like he was God’s gift to women. It wasn’t even because her headache had worsened exponentially in the last hour.

She wanted to change her mind because Grace was right – this wasn’t her. She wasn’t the type of girl who had random sex with a guy and then never talked to him again. She was a nice girl. She was a…

Proper lady?

She cringed at the term and could almost hear Harrison saying it in her head. Her head throbbed with fresh pain, and she rubbed at her temples. Screw that. She was tired of being a proper lady. She was having sex with Brad tonight, and that was that.

But first… she really needed to do something about her headache. She’d never relax and enjoy herself if her head was aching like a rotting tooth.

She squinted around the pub. Grace had gone to the bar, and it looked like she was talking to the woman who ran the animal rescue. Rain or Raylene, maybe…

She touched Brad’s arm. He might be into her, but even his lust took a backseat when it was the bottom of the eighth, and the score was tied. He and every other guy at the table had been glued to the big screen television mounted on the wall for the last half hour.

“Brad, I have a bad headache. There’s some Advil in the glovebox of my car. Will you walk me out to get it?”

“Uh, the game is almost over. Can you give me half an hour?” Brad said without taking his eyes off the screen. “Oh, come the fuck on! You call that a fucking strike? What kind of ump is this guy?”

“A shit one,” Jesse said.

“It won’t take long,” Addison said. “It’s late, and it’s dark out. It’ll take a few minutes to walk to my car and back. I’m not comfortable walking in the parking lot by myself.”
“Nothing’s going to happen,” Brad said. “This is Harmony Falls. Nothing bad ever happens here.”

She waited another few seconds before standing. Brad was right. She didn’t need an escort. She was being a silly little girl.

Addison made her way to the front door of the pub as there was a round of cheers from the people watching the game. She opened the door, stepped into the warm night air, and breathed deeply.

She rubbed at her temples as she leaned against the brick exterior. God, what was wrong with her? Why did she have such a need to be protected? Being a helpless female was so outdated, and she should be ashamed that she even wanted Brad to act like her hero. She needed to be her own hero. Needed to take care of herself for a change.

She’d been so used to having Harrison at her side that some days, it seemed overwhelming to be alone.
Still rubbing at her temples, she walked across the dark parking lot to her car. She opened the car and rummaged through the glovebox, breathing a sigh of relief when she found the Advil. Clutching it in one hand, she slid out of the car and locked it before walking toward the bar. She would feel better and more like herself when this horrible headache was –

“Well, hi there, pretty lady.”

She turned around and stared at the four men trailing behind her. She had no idea where they’d come from or who they were, and her headache surged into almost unbearable pain as a rush of adrenaline went through her.

“Whatcha’ doin’ out here all by yourself?” The biggest of the men drawled.

Fear spiking in her veins, she backed away, the bottle of Advil slipping from her fingers to land on the pavement as the men wandered a little closer. “Just grabbing something from my car.”

Her mouth was cotton-dry, and her legs shook as her body went into flight or fight mode. Predictably, it chose flight.

“You thinking about running, little lady? Guarantee you, we’re faster than you,” the leader said.

More adrenaline surged through her as she slipped out of her heels. No one else was around, and the noise in the pub was too loud for anyone to hear her scream. Grace didn’t know where she’d gone, and Brad was completely absorbed in the baseball game and wouldn’t notice if she was gone too long. Her only chance was to run.

The men watched her in amusement as she took a few deep breaths and calculated the distance to the pub in her head. She ran track in high school. She could beat them. She just had to keep a level head and not look back.

“Looks like we got ourselves a runner, boys,” the leader said with a cold grin. “Truth be told – we like it when you run. We like the -”

She turned and fled. She could hear the men chasing after her, and she had taken maybe a dozen steps when a large body stepped out from behind a truck. She ran face-first into a wall of hard and unforgiving muscle, and she screamed piercingly as an arm wrapped around her waist and held her immobile.

* * *

Preacher had no idea why the schoolteacher was leaving the pub on her own, but he didn’t like it. She was little, and it was late and dark outside. Where the hell was her dickhead fiancé, anyway? Sure as shit, if Preacher had a woman like her, he wouldn’t let her sit at a table full of firefighters who kept looking her over like she was a piece of meat. He stared at the blue and green bracelet tied around his wrist before swallowing the last of his whiskey, pushing his chair back, and standing.

Nolan looked away from the television screen. “You leaving?”

“Just hittin’ the head,” he grunted.

He bypassed the bathroom and headed straight for the exit. He stepped out of the pub. The schoolteacher was walking across the parking lot, and he eyed her firm ass as he leaned against the wall.

He watched the schoolteacher slide into the passenger seat of her crappy little car. He was too far away, and it was too dark to see what she was doing, but he kept watching her anyway.

He wondered idly what she looked like under those prim and proper dresses she always wore. She was a real lady. The kind who would never have anything to do with him, but it didn’t stop him from imagining her naked in his bed. She smelled so fucking good that day at the school. Jesus, he’d forgotten just how good a woman like her smelled. The women he took to his bed couldn’t afford fancy perfume. Fuck, half the time, he wasn’t even sure they showered on a daily basis.

The little schoolteacher, though, he bet she had a big tub in her place, one of those fancy ones with jets. He bet she took a bath every night, maybe even let her small-dicked fiancé fuck her in it. The thought sent jealousy shooting through him, and he shook it off.

So the pretty lady with more class in her baby finger than any of the women he’d been with had been nice to him. Didn’t mean she wanted to fuck him. She was nice to everyone. That was apparent. Nice and sweet and polite.

What he wouldn’t fucking do to see her with her neat and tidy hair messed up from his hands, her perfectly applied lipstick smeared from his kisses, and her pale, slender thighs spread wide around his hips. He’d fuck her until her politeness was gone, until she was pounding on his back and begging him to fuck her harder.

The schoolteacher slammed her car door and started walking across the parking lot. His gaze had dropped to her tits, so when she suddenly stopped and swung around, he blinked in surprise. He stared at the four men standing behind her before cursing. His anger rising, he walked toward the schoolteacher, his long strides eating up the distance.

* * *

Addison’s scream was muffled against the man’s chest. She tried to squirm away, punching frantically at her captor’s hard chest.

“It’s okay,” he said.

She froze at the familiar voice. She raised her head and stared at the man holding her.

“Hello, Sunshine,” Preacher said in a low voice.

Relief flooded through her. It made her knees weak, and she sagged against him as he stroked her hair back from her face with a surprisingly gentle touch.

“Please help me,” she whispered.

He smiled reassuringly at her and turned her in his arms until her spine was against his chest. He kept his arm around her waist, his big hand gripping her hip possessively. She clung to his forearm, staring up at his face as he said, “Good evening, assholes.”

“Get lost,” the leader advised. “This don’t concern you.”

Preacher laughed. “You’re bugging my woman, and it doesn’t concern me?”

“We didn’t know she was yours.” One of the other men tugged on the leader’s arm. “C’mon, Gary. It’s time to leave.”

“Yeah, Gary,” Preacher said. “It’s time to leave.”

Gary pulled his arm free. “No way she’s with you. Not a woman like her.”

Addison didn’t object when Preacher nuzzled his face into her hair. She leaned against him and tried to look like she belonged to him as he said, “The woman’s mine. Leave. I won’t ask you again.”

“There’s four of us and only one of you,” Gary said.

“Fucking Christ, Gary. Do you have a goddamn death wish? Look at that guy,” his friend said. “Let’s go.”

“You fucking pussy,” Gary said. “He can’t take all of us.”

“Yeah, he fucking can,” the third man said. “You’re just too drunk to fucking realize it.”

Gary glared at his friends. They were already starting to back away, and he gave them a look of disgust before muttering “pussies” under his breath. He turned and followed them to a large black truck.

As the four of them climbed in and started the engine, Addison continued to cling to Preacher’s forearm. His hand was smoothing up and down her hip, and when Gary and the others roared out of the parking lot in a cloud of exhaust and dust, she jerked wildly.

“It’s fine, Sunshine. Let’s get you back inside,” Preacher said.

He released her and took a step back. He grabbed her hand when she swayed a little, and she held it in a death grip. “My shoes. I – I need my shoes.”

He led her to where her shoes were, and she watched numbly as he bent and helped her slip into her heels. He grinned up at her. “There you go, Cinderella.”

She tried to laugh, but all that came out was a weird coughing, hiccupping noise. Stupidly, tears were threatening, and she blinked them back grimly as Preacher stood and reached for her hand again. It was lost in his big one, and she stared at their linked hands as he walked her slowly back to the pub.

She shook her head when he reached for the door and dropped his hand. She backed up until she felt the cold brick wall against her back as the tattoo artist stared silently at her.

“I – I just need a minute,” she gasped.

Her head was spinning, and she felt sick to her stomach. If Preacher hadn’t been outside, if he hadn’t come to her rescue…

Her stomach roiled, and she bent over, clutching at her stomach and willing herself not to vomit. She'd die of shame if she threw up on Preacher’s boots. His warm hand gripped the back of her neck as he bent down and said, “Take deep breaths, Sunshine.”

She was feeling faint, and there was a tightness in her chest that made her feel like she couldn’t breathe.

“Deep breaths.” Oddly enough, the command in Preacher’s voice got her lungs working again, and she gulped in air as his hand kneaded her neck.

“Nice and slow,” he demanded.

She slowed her breathing, concentrating on pushing air in and out of her lungs and on the feel of his fingers massaging her neck. When she no longer felt like she was going to throw up or faint, she straightened slowly. He was still cupping the back of her neck, and she stared up at him as he studied her.

She was suddenly aware of how close he was standing to her. Her breasts were nearly brushing against him, and the heat of his body felt like it was warming her to her core. Her nipples tightened, and her pussy tingled in an unfamiliar but decidedly enjoyable way.

“I – thank you for rescuing me,” she whispered.

He cocked his head and studied her for a moment longer before leaning down, his deep voice a low rasp. “If you were mine, you’d always be safe.”

His words made the muscles of her pussy clench in agonizing pleasure. For a moment, she could almost imagine what it would be like to belong to this man. To know that he would always take care of her, to know that every night, he would take her to his bed and show her more pleasure than she could ever imagine. Her lips parted at the thought of being naked underneath him, and Preacher’s gaze dropped to her mouth.

“Do you know what you do to me, Sunshine?” he said.

Before she could reply, his hard mouth was on hers, and his tongue was pushing past her lips to take what belonged to him.

* * *

What he was doing was all sorts of wrong. The schoolteacher had a goddamn fiancé, and here he was, shoving his tongue down her throat. Preacher pulled away with regret. He wasn’t going to steal another man’s woman – not even a douche like Harrison Frank – no matter how much he wanted her.

Of course, he hadn’t counted on the little schoolteacher standing on her tiptoes, fisting her hands in his shirt, and mashing her mouth back onto his. At the first tentative swipe of her tongue against his lips, he groaned and reached down to grip her ass with both hands. He lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he pushed her against the wall and angled his mouth over hers. He kissed her hard, exploring every inch of her warm mouth with his tongue as his hands squeezed and kneaded her perfect ass.

Fuck she tasted good. He kissed down her throat, nipping at the soft skin before sucking on the spot where her neck met her shoulder. If he applied even a little more pressure, it would leave a mark, and without thinking about it, he sucked hard. He ground his erection against her crotch, and the little gasp she made sent his lust into overdrive.

He dry-humped her against the wall, pressing rhythmically against her pussy as he shoved his hands under her dress and caressed her ass through her soft panties. He curled his fingers around the waistband. All it would take was one tug to rip them off. Once she was bare for him, he could unzip his jeans, pull out his dick, and he’d be balls-deep in her hot pussy with one twist of his hips. He’d bet his left nut she was wet for him. The way she was rocking her pussy against his dick made it more than obvious she wanted to be fucked.

His hand tightened around her panties, but before he could go any further, the pub door opened. He froze against the wall, his brain screaming at him as Grace stared wide-eyed at them.

“Preacher? What are you doing to Addie?”

With a wince, he dropped Addison to her feet and backed away. She was panting, her cheeks red and her eyes bright with a combination of lust and embarrassment. His dick throbbing in his pants, he pushed past Grace without saying a word and went into the pub.

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