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The Draax Ultra Bundle (EBOOK)

The Draax Ultra Bundle (EBOOK)

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The first five books in the Draax Series available in one easy bundle!



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I tapped my foot against the cold stone floor. The storm was growing worse by the moment and I was regretting not going with Teo, Galan and Faro to pick up the human female. Galan could handle the vehicle in the storm but still, I was worried.

I paced back and forth in the great hall of the palace. Various employees scurried in and out. I nodded to each of them when they made small bows before hurrying on their way. The palace was always full of people and I wondered if I shouldn’t wait for my new mate in the guest quarters. Our first meeting might be best done in private in case she was ugly. My people didn’t need to see my disappointment, it would make them fearful that I would not fulfill my duty as king and produce an heir.

Before I could message Teo and tell him to meet me in the guest quarters, the front doors opened and the three of them staggered in from the wind. Faro strained to close the doors behind them as Teo pushed back his hood and bowed.

“Good evening, my king.”

“Teo, are you all right?” I asked.

“Yes. But the storm has descended earlier than we thought. I am afraid the vehicle took a beating from the hail. We will not be going anywhere for the next moon.”

“I do not care about that.” I gripped Teo’s arm and looked him over. “You are certain you were not injured by the hail?”


“Good.” I breathed a sigh of relief before peering around him. “Where is she?”

“Here, my king,” Teo said.

He turned to Galan and pulled his cloak off with a flourish. Galan was cradling the female against his chest and her face was buried in his neck. Her dark hair hung to the middle of her back in a thick plait and I stared at the soft curves of her body. My cock twitched, and I felt an uncharacteristic thread of anger toward my best friend as I stared at the way his hand gripped her thick thigh.

It was hard to tell with the way she was resting in Galan’s arms, but she looked a little thinner than I liked. But I wouldn’t know for sure until she was standing. Her arms were wrapped tightly around Galan’s neck, and an involuntary growl of irritation escaped my throat. She shouldn’t be clinging to Galan. She was my mate, not his.

“Show me your face,” I said.

“Her translator is not working yet, my king,” Teo said.

My sigh of frustration turned into a sharp inhale when the little female lifted her head and turned her face to me. Krono help me, she was beautiful. I studied her pale skin, so different from the purple of the females of my race, but still oddly appealing. Her eyes were a clear light blue and they widened when I studied her full lips. Her round little cheeks flushed red with colour and I watched the red creep down her neck. Did that delightful flush of red cover her entire body? I suddenly, desperately wanted to find out.

“Put her down,” I barked at Galan.

He glanced at Teo before carefully setting the little human on her feet. She was taller than most human females, but she was short compared to my nearly seven feet. Still, she was delightfully curvy with heavy breasts that I couldn’t wait to cup in my hands. What colour were her nipples, I wondered. How big would they get when I sucked on them?

I wanted to take her back to my private quarters and find out.

I realized that she was staring up at me with a look of apprehension. She hadn’t curtsied or bowed, and I frowned at her. Did humans not know how to properly greet royalty? She was staring at me like she didn’t care that I was the king.

My frown deepened, and the little human took a step back before staring anxiously at Galan. She actually pressed her body against him, like she thought he would protect her. Fresh irritation flickered through me. She was mine to protect.

“Come to me.” My voice was harsher than I intended. She hesitated and glanced at Galan again when I held my hand out.

Galan gave her a gentle push forward and she made an adorable little squeak when I took her hand and pulled her into my embrace. I studied her face before leaning down and burying my face into her neck. Krono, she smelled good. I inhaled again as my hand dipped down to grip her full ass.

She squeaked again and tried to wiggle out of my grip. I scowled and wrapped my hand around her thick braid before tugging her head back. She was staring at me anxiously and I smiled at her before brushing my lips against her cheek. Had I ever felt skin that soft?

“Do not be afraid,” I told her. “This is what you are here for, remember? I will breed you tonight and you will see that you have nothing to fear.”

I traced my thumb over her trembling bottom lip as Teo said, “Perhaps you should give her an evening to rest, my king.”

“No,” I said. “I want her now.”

“Her translator is not working yet,” Teo reminded me. “You know it often takes a day or two before -”

“She does not need to understand what I am saying to fuck me.”

“At least let her eat and have a hot bath. Her stomach was grumbling on the ride here and it is freezing out. I fear the humans cannot hold their heat as well as we do,” Teo said.

“Fine.” I ran my thumb over her lips again. “But first I want to taste her.”

She was talking to me and making hard jabbing motions with her tiny hands. I couldn’t understand a word of it, but I did like the sound of her soft voice. Still, I didn’t want to listen, I wanted to taste, so I dipped my head and pressed my mouth against hers. Her lips closed abruptly, and I pressed my tongue at the seam of them until she parted them again with a low noise in the back of her throat. I wanted to kiss her hard, wanted to show her who she now belonged to, but her entire body was vibrating against mine, and her little hands were gripping my arms with fear not desire.

I kept my mouth gentle, ignoring the fact that Teo, Galan and Faro were standing behind us, and urged her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on her tongue and growled with satisfaction when her pelvis bucked against me. I put my arm around her waist and lifted her – she weighed next to nothing – until her pussy was notched against my thickening cock. I rubbed her against my cock and she made a sweet little moan that lit my blood on fire. I deepened the kiss as I cupped one heavy breast with my other hand and kneaded it. Her back arched and I could suddenly smell her arousal. She was wet for me already and it sent an answering surge of lust through my large body. I couldn’t wait to fuck her.

I was just about to pin her up against the wall and yank her pants down so I could sink my cock into her pussy, when Teo cleared his throat. I had forgotten completely about the three men and I pulled my mouth away from my mate’s as she made a small whimper of need.

“Shh, my mate.” I set her down and stroked her hair. “You will have my cock soon. I promise. Teo, take her to the guest quarters and make sure she is fed and has a bath. I will be there in an hour.”

“Yes, my king.”

Teo and the other two bowed, but my mate just stared up at me with a dazed look on her face.

Her refusal to bow or curtsey was actually kind of cute, and I pressed another quick kiss against her mouth before pushing her toward Teo. “Go on, mate.”

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