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Dark Moon Book Three EBOOK

Dark Moon Book Three EBOOK

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Will her love set him free?

Sophia Williams, a powerful and strong-willed Lycan, never thought she would fall for a human. Yet, she cannot deny the instant attraction she feels for Bree's brother, Kaden. Used to getting what she wants, Sophia pursues him, determined to prove that she can be trusted.

Beaten and enslaved by Lycans, Kaden wants nothing to do with the family of Lycans his sister is marrying into.  But his lust for Sophia, the eldest daughter of Tristan and Avery, is undeniable.  As lust turns to something deeper he begins to question everything he believes about the Lycans.

When a mutual enemy threatens to destroy their growing relationship, Kaden must put aside his distrust of Sophia's family to save her.



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Read an excerpt

Kaden smiled at the young girl standing next to him. He liked Dani, she had a happy, bubbling personality that was infectious, but he was growing distinctly uncomfortable with the way their relationship seemed to be turning.

She touched him at every opportunity, just small presses of her hand against his arm or his back, but he recognized it for what it was. Last night at dinner she had wormed her way into a seat beside him and spent the entire meal brushing her thigh against his. He had subtly shifted further and further to his left until he was practically sitting on his sister’s lap.

Bree had given him an odd look but rather than try and explain with Dani’s father staring suspiciously at him across the table, he had just hurriedly finished his meal and excused himself to the barn.

He grinned a little to himself. It was painfully obvious that Dani’s father Marshall did not approve of his daughter’s crush. Kaden was almost tempted to sleep with the girl just to anger the Lycan.

He stared down at Dani’s pretty face. Who was he trying to fool? The girl was an innocent, and he wasn’t the type of man who would use a woman in that manner.

Besides, pretty as she was, she wasn’t his type. Her slender body and blonde hair did nothing to stir his lust. He liked his women dark haired, with full and lush curves a man could get lost in. Wide hips to hang on to when the sex turned frantic and rough, and full breasts that overflowed in his hands.

Sophia’s face flashed in his head and he automatically looked at the wall of the barn. He had pushed her back against that wall, had kissed her full mouth and ground his cock against her. He could still remember the feel of her breast in his hand, the way her nipple had tightened against his palm, and her low voice moaning his name.
He looked away quickly as his cock started to harden in his pants. Gods, he was going crazy. Thinking about having sex with a Lycan was pure madness. Besides, he was leaving tomorrow. He would never see the Lycan again.

Dani was chattering to him and he smiled and nodded, only half-listening as his thoughts turned to Bree. He couldn’t convince her to leave with him. He had, in fact, known it was useless after the first few days and stopped pressuring her.

Bree loved the redheaded Lycan and, as much as Kaden hated to admit it, it was obvious that James loved her. Bree spent much of her time the last two weeks with Kaden and he was surprised by James’ lack of objection. He’d given Bree her space and her freedom to visit with her brother, and Kaden had no sense that the Red was doing it as a way to win his favour.

He told Sophia that James was trying to control his sister, but he realized his mistake after only a few days. It was clear, even to him, that the Lycan would do anything his sister asked. It would have amused Kaden to no end that his tiny baby sister had such a powerful Lycan wrapped around her finger, had it not been for his deep-seated hatred for Lycans in general.

And fear, a voice deep inside his head whispered. You can deny it all you want, but you fear them as well.

He nodded at something Dani said and stared down at her blankly. He did fear the Lycans. He hated that he did, knew that it made him weak, but he had spent two years as their slave and his entire body was proof of their cruelty. His chest, back and thighs were covered with the reminders of their whips and their claws. Even now, away from Draken’s home, he could feel a shudder run through him at the memory of being chained to the pole like a dog.

His hand rubbed at the skin on his throat. The band of pale skin, the only reminder of the collar he had worn around his neck for over two years, was still there. He wondered if it would ever go away or if it would brand him forever as a Lycan slave.


He realized Dani was staring at him oddly and he made himself smile at her. “Aye?”

“Were you listening to me?”

“I’m sorry, I was, uh…”

He was saved from replying by the appearance of Leta at the barn door.

“Uncle Marshall is looking for you,” she said to Dani. She was holding Tia in her arms and she frowned when the small dog barked excitedly and wiggled from her grip. Tia ran to Kaden and he scooped her up, petting her head as she wagged her tail and licked at his hands.

Dani sighed. “What does he want?”

Leta shrugged. “I don’t know. He just asked me to come find you.”

Dani frowned and then turned to Kaden. “I’ll see you at dinner?”


She hesitated and before Kaden could step back, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Blushing a little, she hurried past Leta who stepped out of the way but didn’t follow her out of the barn. She kept a careful distance from Kaden and stared at him warily.

“I still don’t like you,” she said.

He grinned. “No? Why not? I’m not taking Bree away from you.”

“I know! Bree would never leave me – she loves me. And my brother.” She added as an afterthought.

His grin widened. Despite the fact that she was half-Lycan, he liked the girl. Other than Sophia, she was the only Lycan who had made no effort with him at all in the last two weeks. Although she refused to leave Bree’s side the first few days, she’d spent most of the time glowering at him as he visited with his sister. After a few days she mysteriously disappeared, and he had questioned Bree about it.

His sister smiled a little. “She’s in trouble for being rude to you. Avery and Tristan aren’t allowing her to spend time with us until she learns better manners.”

He laughed. “How long before she cracks and starts being nice to me?”

Bree giggled. “You have no idea how stubborn Leta is. When her parents told her what they expected of her, I guess she vowed she would never be kind to you and that she couldn’t wait until you left, and she never had to see your ugly human face again.”

He had snorted laughter as Bree poked his side in a friendly way. “She lost horse-riding privileges for a week and was sent to her room without supper for that little outburst.”

“So that’s why I haven’t seen her glaring at me in the barn lately.” He had grinned.

Now, he crossed his arms across his chest and arched one eyebrow at her. “Why such a dislike for me, young Leta?”

She pursed her lips together and stared silently at the ground. He’d decided she wasn’t going to answer when she suddenly blurted, “Because you’re making Bree sad.”

He frowned. Bree hadn’t said a word to him about leaving. She had seemed to make her peace with the fact that he wouldn’t stay, and she had not appeared upset to him. Her acceptance had hurt his feelings and, in a way, made it easier for him to leave.

“It’s true.” Leta mistook his silence for disagreement. She forgot herself and moved deeper into the barn to stand in front of him. “She cries when you’re not around.”

“What do you mean?”

“She cries! She cries to Mama and to James almost every day. She’s sad because you won’t even stay for the wedding.”

She gave him a cautious look. “I wasn’t spying. Don’t you tell Papa that I was spying because I wasn’t. I just – just happened to hear them when I was playing in the closet in Papa and Mama’s room.”

“I won’t,” he promised.

She stared gravely at him. “You’re not a very nice person. I thought you would be nice like Bree but you’re not.”

Surprisingly, her words stung him a little. “I am a nice person, Leta.”

“No, you’re not,” she insisted. “You won’t even stay for your own sister’s wedding. That’s mean. You’re mean!”


The young girl whirled around. Sophia had entered the barn and she frowned at her younger sister. “What did Mom and Dad say about being respectful to Bree’s brother?”

“He’s mean!” Leta was starting to cry. “He’s making Bree sad and he doesn’t even care!”

Sophia started toward her and Leta backed away until she bumped into Kaden. He steadied her with a hand on her back, and she turned and growled at him.

“Leta!” Sophia said and the young girl slumped to the ground and began to cry. Sophia sat beside her and gathered her into her arms. “Hush, Leta. Don’t cry.”

She glanced up at Kaden. “I’m sorry, she isn’t usually like this. The thing with Draken frightened her very much, and things have been different around here lately. She’s excited about the wedding and I think she’s overtired and overstimulated.”

Leta crawled into her lap and continued to sob. “Please don’t tell Papa I was bad, Sophia.”

Sophia stroked her dark hair. “Honey, you know that Dad told you specifically to be respectful to Kaden. You weren’t. There are consequences for your actions.”

“They won’t let me ride again for another whole week!” Leta wailed. “I’ll die, Sophia. Die!”

Kaden sighed. The girl’s dramatics would have been funny if it wasn’t so obvious that she was truly upset. He crouched beside them and touched Leta’s shoulder lightly. “It’s all right, Leta. I know you didn’t mean to be rude. You were just being honest, right?”

She sniffed and nodded. “Aye.”

“I’ll make you a deal. I’ll ask Sophia not to tell your father if you promise to help Ian brush the horses after I’m gone. There are too many for him to brush by himself.”

She eyed him carefully for a moment and then nodded again. “I promise.”

“Good.” He straightened as Sophia kissed Leta’s cheek gently and then stood, pulling the young girl to her feet.
“Dinner is ready, my love. Go and wash up.”

Leta left the barn and Sophia turned to Kaden. “Um, dinner is ready,” she said awkwardly. “Will you be joining us tonight?”


It was the first time they had been alone together in days, and his gaze flickered to the wall where they kissed. He cleared his throat and glanced back at Sophia. She’d followed his gaze and was staring at the barn wall. Her cheeks were pink, and her tongue darted out to flick nervously at her upper lip.

She looked at him and her blush deepened. He stared silently at her and after a moment, took a step towards her. She backed up a step and smiled uncertainly at him.

“Is it true what Leta said? Is Bree upset?” he asked.

She gave him an odd look. “Of course, she is. You’re her brother and she wants you to stay.”

“For what? She has your brother now. She has no need for me.” Even he could hear the jealousy in his voice.

She stared impatiently at him. “Loving my brother does not mean she doesn’t need you, Kaden. You don’t strike me as a stupid human but you’re certainly acting like one.”

He glared at her. “I’m not being stupid. I’m being realistic. Bree no longer needs my protection. Why would I stay?”

“You stay because she loves you. You stay because it’s foolish of you to leave when you have no money and no place to go. My parents are willing to hire you to work with Ian in the barn. You could earn a wage, be a free man, and have protection from Draken.”

He scoffed. “Another reason Bree should be leaving with me. I know you believe that your family can protect us from Draken, but you don’t know him the way that we do. His pack is large and he’s crazy. And now,” he stepped closer and took her arm in a firm grip, “it’s not just my sister and me he wants, but you as well.”

He rubbed her arm with his thumb. “You think you’re safe. You believe that Draken cannot harm you but you’re wrong. Your family has no idea what he’s capable of.”

“All the more reason for you to stay,” she replied. “You can help us. You know what he’s capable of.”

“Aye, I do,” he whispered. He was standing so close to her now that his chest brushed against her magnificent breasts.

“Do you want me to stay?” he said.

She nodded.


“I – what?” she said.

He lowered his face to hers and she parted her mouth for his kiss. Instead of kissing her, he rubbed the ball of his thumb across her lower lip. She moaned, her breath warm against his face, and he stared mesmerized at the hint of her straight, white teeth. “Why do you want me to stay?”

“Because Bree wants you to stay,” she whispered.

“Is that the only reason?” He slipped his thumb between her lips and she closed her mouth around it and sucked.
He made a quiet groaning noise and slipped his other hand around her to cup the back of her head. He slid his thumb back and forth in her mouth, feeling the wet heat of her tongue and lips holding him firmly inside of her.

His cock was rock hard, his breath coming in harsh pants, and he couldn’t look away from her dark eyes. They were changing, flecks of green appearing, and he watched fascinated as the dark brown changed to a light, clear green.

“Is there another reason you want me to stay, Sophia?” he said.

He started to pull his thumb from her mouth, and she tightened her lips around it, stroking it roughly with her tongue until he groaned again.

“Tell me,” he whispered as he pulled his thumb out of her mouth.

“Kaden, I -”

“Gods be damned, it’s cold out there tonight. You sure you want to leave when it’s this cold?” Ian came ambling through the doors at the far end of the barn and stopped short when he saw Kaden and Sophia locked together.

Sophia pulled away from Kaden and ran to the door. “Dinner is ready,” she called hoarsely before disappearing into the darkness.

Ian stared shrewdly at Kaden. “Sophia’s a pretty girl.”

“Aye.” Kaden started for the barn door, ignoring the grin on Ian’s face. “Are you coming for dinner or not?”

“Aye, I am.” Whistling softly, Ian followed him out of the barn.

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