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Breathless (PAPERBACK)

Breathless (PAPERBACK)

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Who says nice guys can't be bad?

Nice guys are boring. 

Amanda Martin isn’t interested in nice guys and she’s spent her entire life chasing after the bad ones.  Too bad it’s left her broken hearted and convinced true love is a myth.  When she meets accountant, Max Westman – a giant of a man and the very epitome of the nice guy – she ignores their unexpected chemistry and insists on friendship only.

But the discovery that Max’s nice guy demeanor hides a dirty mind and an even filthier mouth forces Amanda to question her beliefs.  If nice guys are so dull, why exactly does she keep imagining a naked Max tied to her bed?  

Max wants Amanda as more than just a friend and he’s determined to show her that, sometimes, even nice guys are very good at being very bad.

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