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Breathless (EBOOK)

Breathless (EBOOK)

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Who says nice guys can't be bad?

Nice guys are boring. 

Amanda Martin isn’t interested in nice guys and she’s spent her entire life chasing after the bad ones.  Too bad it’s left her broken hearted and convinced true love is a myth.  When she meets accountant, Max Westman – a giant of a man and the very epitome of the nice guy – she ignores their unexpected chemistry and insists on friendship only.

But the discovery that Max’s nice guy demeanor hides a dirty mind and an even filthier mouth forces Amanda to question her beliefs.  If nice guys are so dull, why exactly does she keep imagining a naked Max tied to her bed?  

Max wants Amanda as more than just a friend and he’s determined to show her that, sometimes, even nice guys are very good at being very bad.



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Read an excerpt

Amanda placed the leftover food in the fridge in Lucy and Jason’s kitchen before wiping down the counter and throwing some trash in the garbage. It was close to one in the morning, and the party had finally wound down. She leaned against the counter for a moment. She should have been tired, she had been up with Lucy at six this morning, but it wasn’t weariness coursing through her body. It was lust, pure and simple.

Lust for Max. Go find him.

No, she absolutely couldn’t do that. She was in love with Jamie, and just because they technically weren’t dating, just because it was months since she’d been laid, didn’t mean she could fuck someone else. Besides, she was sure she had seen Max leaving as she was carrying the leftovers to the house.

She pressed a shaking hand on her lower abdomen and willed her damn pussy to behave itself. She was lucky Max had left. The way she felt right now, she’d climb him like a damn tree if she saw him.

She heard footsteps behind her and froze when Max’s deep voice said, “One more dish of leftovers. Is there room in the fridge?”

Her heart racing, she turned and watched as he opened the fridge and shuffled a few things around before placing the dish in the fridge with the others. He shut the door, and she clenched her hands into fists when, instead of leaving, he dropped into a kitchen chair and smiled at her.

“Some party, huh?”

She drifted closer to him, she couldn’t help herself, and he gave her a puzzled look.

“Amanda, are you okay? You look flushed.”

“Max,” she whispered, “I…”

She licked her lips and studied his broad shoulders and chest as she stopped before him. “I want to kiss you.”

If he was surprised, it didn’t show on his face. “Go ahead, Butterfly,” he said in that low voice that drove her insane with desire.

She stepped between his spread legs and touched his beard with trembling fingers.

“Don’t move,” she said.

He was so tall that even sitting, they were face-to-face. Amanda ran her thumb over his bottom lip before pressing her mouth against his. His lips were warm and firm, and she nibbled at his upper lip before slicking her tongue across the bottom one. He groaned, and she probed at the seam of his lips with her tongue. He opened them, and she slid her tongue into his mouth. He tasted like scotch, and she moaned when he sucked on her tongue before pushing his tongue into her mouth. He touched her crooked tooth with the tip of it, then flicked his tongue against hers.

He was unbelievably gentle, and she couldn’t get enough of his kisses or the taste of his mouth. She pressed herself against him, and he cupped her ass with those big hands of his and squeezed.

“No moving,” she reminded him.

He squeezed her ass again. “This is me not moving. If I were moving, you’d be bent over this table with your dress around your waist, and I’d be balls-deep in that hot pussy of yours.”

Her mouth dropped open as a tremor of lust, so strong it made her legs shake, swept through her. What the hell was going on? Max was one of the good guys, and good guys didn’t talk like that.

“That was…unexpected,” she said.

He grinned at her. “Was it?”

“Yes, you’re a nice guy, Max.”

“I am,” he replied.

“Nice guys aren’t dirty talkers.”

He laughed. “How many nice guys have you dated?”

“Not very many,” she admitted.

“Let me guess,” he licked her throat with his wet tongue, “you like the bad boys. The ones who charm you, fuck you all night, and are gone before you wake up in the morning.”

“I didn’t say I had good taste,” she said as he nuzzled the base of her throat.

“I’m a nice guy,” he said. “I don’t play games with a woman, and if I’m interested in you,” he licked her mouth, “there won’t be any doubt. And I’ll definitely still be in your bed in the morning.”

“Because you’re a nice guy,” she moaned as he nipped at her earlobe.

“Yes,” he breathed into her ear, “and because I love waking a woman up with my tongue in her pussy.”

“Fuck!” The word exploded from her mouth, and he pressed a soft kiss below her ear.

“That too,” he said. “Have any of those bad boys you like so much ever woken you up by sucking on your clit, Butterfly?”

She shook her head, her pelvis aching and her nipples throbbing almost painfully, and he squeezed her ass. “You should consider giving us nice guys a chance. Would you like to know why?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

He brushed his mouth against hers, just a gentle caress, but it made her entire body tingle. He pulled his head back when she tried to deepen the kiss.

“Because the only thing we care about in bed is making sure our woman is completely satisfied. Nothing else matters.”

She wanted to tell him that the bad boys did that too, but, truthfully, they didn’t. At least it wasn’t her experience. She told herself numerous times that it didn’t matter. She was self-aware enough to know that what she craved was the actual chase. It was all about the excitement of ‘will he call or won’t he’ and the delicious thrill that someone like that would want her, not what the actual sex would be like. When they finally did sleep together, she was often left aching and not fully satisfied.

“Invite me into your bed, Butterfly, and you can ride my dick for as long as you need. You can tie me to your bed and have your dirty way with me if that’s what you want,” he said with a naughty grin.

She thought of the restraints tucked under the top mattress of her bed. A previous lover had given the ‘under the bed restraint kit’ to her as a birthday gift, although it had technically been for him, not her. She hadn’t minded being restrained, but it wasn’t one of her kinks. She had done it more for his pleasure than hers, but he had refused to allow her to use it on him the one time she had suggested it.

An image of Max, his large body stretched out on her bed with the cuffs around his wrists, flooded through her, and her pelvis bucked against him uncontrollably. Jesus, the thought of having control over Max like that set her on fire with lust.

“Feels like my Butterfly likes that idea,” he whispered before capturing her mouth with his.

This time, his kiss was hard and insistent. His previous gentleness was gone, and Amanda returned his kisses eagerly, cupping his face and tracing her fingers over his beard as their tongues battled for control.

“Carrie texted me. She dropped Lucy and Jason at the hotel and will take them to the airport in the morning.”

Amanda tore away from Max at Rita’s voice, crossing her arms over her chest and giving Jason’s parents a nervous smile as they walked into the kitchen.

“Oh!” Rita said. “Oh, I’m so sorry,”

Her face bright red, Amanda shook her head. “No, I…”

She gave both Jason’s parents and Max an apologetic look. “I’m sorry. It’s very late, and I really should get home. I’m sorry,” she mumbled again before pushing past Jason’s dad and escaping the kitchen.

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