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Bet Your Heart on Me Book One (PAPERBACK)

Bet Your Heart on Me Book One (PAPERBACK)

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Finding love in your forties isn't easy...

Especially when you have a long to-do list.  Running a small business and mending her broken relationship with her son are Hazel’s top priorities. 

Until Hendrix Smith walks into her flower shop.

He’s smart, sexy, and confident, and Hazel can’t deny their instant connection. 

A flower shop was the last place Hendrix expected to find love.  But the moment he meets Hazel, he can’t resist her.  She’s beautiful, passionate, and intelligent.  Asking her out is a no-brainer.

There’s only one problem – their kids are dating.

For Hazel and Hendrix, ignoring their connection proves impossible.  When their blossoming love strains Hazel’s fragile relationship with her son, reality comes crashing in.

Now Hazel is caught between the two people she loves most.  How can she choose between her love for her child and her love for Hendrix when either decision will shatter her heart?

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