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Bet Your Heart on Me Book One (EBOOK)

Bet Your Heart on Me Book One (EBOOK)

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Finding love in your forties isn't easy...

Especially when you have a long to-do list.  Running a small business and mending her broken relationship with her son are Hazel’s top priorities. 

Until Hendrix Smith walks into her flower shop.

He’s smart, sexy, and confident, and Hazel can’t deny their instant connection. 

A flower shop was the last place Hendrix expected to find love.  But the moment he meets Hazel, he can’t resist her.  She’s beautiful, passionate, and intelligent.  Asking her out is a no-brainer.

There’s only one problem – their kids are dating.

For Hazel and Hendrix, ignoring their connection proves impossible.  When their blossoming love strains Hazel’s fragile relationship with her son, reality comes crashing in.

Now Hazel is caught between the two people she loves most.  How can she choose between her love for her child and her love for Hendrix when either decision will shatter her heart?



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Read an excerpt

“Hazel, we need to talk.”

“This sounds ominous.” Hazel cut off a section of stem from the carnation and added the flower to the bouquet. She cocked her head and studied the flowers before reaching for another carnation.

When there was no reply, she glanced up at Indie. “What?”

Her best friend took a deep breath. “There’s no easy way to tell you this, and, honestly, I wanted to wait to tell you when Sierra was with us, but, well… I think you need to know now. Especially with how much light is coming through the window.”

Indie motioned to the large glass window to their left. The sun streamed through the glass, filling the flower shop with warm light. Hazel sighed. The natural light was gorgeous, but it also showcased how much the painted window sign had begun to peel. If the ‘e’ and the ‘r’ peeled much more, customers would start thinking her shop was called ‘The Flow Pot’.

She mentally added ‘repaint sign’ to her already overflowing to-do list and cut the stem of the second carnation. “Before we have this serious talk, can I say thank you again for helping me today? Today is your only day off, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you covering for Carlos. They hated having to bail on me, but their grandmother is being moved to the nursing home today, and they wanted to be there for her.”

“You know I don’t mind,” Indie said. “Is it always this busy on Sundays?”

Hazel nodded. The shop was having a rare slow moment, but from the moment she’d opened at ten, there’d been customers in and out of the store. “Yeah, Sundays are busy, plus I always have a ton of bouquets to make for the week, so having someone here to man the cash register is a godsend.”

“Happy to help.” Indie leaned against the counter.

“What is it we need to talk about?” Hazel asked.

“Chin hairs,” Indie said. “Specifically, your chin hairs. You need to tweeze or wax those suckers.”

Hazel touched her chin. “What? They’re not that bad.”

“Oh, honey,” Indie said, “you’re in chin hair denial.”

Hazel peered at her reflection in the glass counter, her fingers roaming over her chin. “I didn’t think they were that noticeable.”

Indie pointed to the glass window again. “The sun is lighting up your beard like a halo, my friend.”

“Beard?” Hazel said.

“Slight exaggeration,” Indie said. “Still, as your best friend, it’s my duty to tell you that you need to tweeze.”

“Thanks, I think.” Hazel touched her chin again. “Of all the things I thought I’d be doing in my forties, plucking my chin hairs wasn’t one of them.”

“You and me both, girl.” Indie plopped her curvy body down on the stool behind the counter. “I found a random white hair growing out of my forehead the other day. It was six inches long, Hazel. I swear. I only knew it was there because Twig was batting at it while I tried to sleep.”

“That explains the scratch on your forehead,” Hazel said.
Indie touched the scratch. “Yeah. Twig’s kind of a monster.”

“Kind of?” Hazel said. “I still can’t figure out why you let that cat into your house. You know he’s gonna murder you in your sleep, right?”

“Oh, totally,” Indie said. “But I felt bad for him when they brought him into the clinic. It’s not his fault he’s angry.”

The bell over the door jingled, and a group of women in their twenties stepped into the shop. Hazel smiled at them as they walked to a cooler and studied the flower bouquets inside.

“Oh, to have an ass that young and tight again,” Indie said. “Of course, I never really had a tight ass. But my tits… now they were spectacular.”

“Still are,” Hazel said. “That guy who came in before lunch practically drooled on them.”

“I considered giving him my number,” Indie said.

Hazel laughed. “He must have been close to seventy.”
“So what? I’m close to fifty.”

“Forty-five is not close to fifty,” Hazel said.

“Easy for you to say. You’re younger than me.”

“By three months,” Hazel said.

Indie slid off the stool and straightened her t-shirt. “I’ll see if the lovely young ladies with their perfect young bodies need some assistance.”

Hazel laughed. “Just remember – your tits are better than theirs.”

As Indie chatted with the women, Hazel added the final touches to the bouquet before covering it with plastic wrap. She carried it to the second cooler at the back of the store and added it to the shelf with the others as the front bell jingled again. She still had two more custom bouquets to finish, and she really should reorder more –

“Excuse me?”

A deliciously deep voice spoke to her right, and she turned, her ‘how can I help you’ smile faltering as she took in the man standing beside her.

No, not a man. A god. A dark-haired, blue-eyed, perfect amount of silver in his hair, god.

“Hi.” Her voice was breathy like she’d just taken herself for a lovely ride on the god standing before her.

A ride that ended with the best orgasm of her life.

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