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An Unlikely Seduction (EBOOK)

An Unlikely Seduction (EBOOK)

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Who will win this game of seduction?

Two years after the tragic death of his wife, Caleb Thornwell lives a solitary life. When he rescues a fragile and innocent woman named Ellie from a blizzard, he’s surprised by his attraction to her.

His discovery that Ellie is the daughter of the man who killed his wife sets a plan of revenge into motion.

Seducing Ellie into giving him her innocence is easy, but he isn’t prepared for his reaction to her soft touch or his sudden desire to protect her.

Ellie Walters didn’t plan on running off in a blizzard. But she’s left with no choice when the man her father is demanding she marry tries to violate her. Certain she’s going to die in the blizzard, she’s shocked when she wakes up in a strange man’s bed.
That’s embarrassing enough but her immediate and heated response to his rough hands and whispered demands is downright shameful.

Trapped in Caleb’s home until the blizzard ends, she concocts a plan of seduction to avoid a marriage she doesn’t want.

Seducing Caleb into taking her innocence is easy, but protecting her heart may prove too difficult.



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Read an excerpt

She was so warm. Was she in hell? Had she died in the blizzard and been sent to hell for her sins?

Sins? What sins? She was a good girl.

Was she? Did a good girl go on an unchaperoned horse ride with a man?

But her father had insisted. He said Frederick was so well-respected that her reputation would remain intact.

She tried to move, a thin thread of panic welling inside of her when she realized she was trapped. Something thick and heavy pressed against her waist, and she forced her eyes open. Her eyes widened immediately. She was pressed up intimately against a stranger. A stranger with dark hair, a long beard, a crooked nose, and – good God – what exactly was that hardness pressing against her hip?

She tried to move away, her breath coming in harsh pants as adrenaline pulsed through her veins. She made a frightened squeak when the stranger’s arm tightened around her waist, and he frowned in his sleep.

“Sir?” she whispered. “Sir, please wake up.”

His eyelids fluttered. He had ridiculously long lashes for a man, and she inhaled sharply when he stared sleepily at her. His eyes were incredibly blue, as blue as the ocean she missed so terribly. She stared wide-eyed at him as he smiled hazily, and his big hand moved from her waist to cup the back of her head.

He pressed his mouth against hers, his beard tickling her lips as his tongue probed at the seam of her lips. She parted them automatically and gasped when he slid his tongue into her mouth with a sensual flicking motion that made heat bloom in her belly.

Her nipples tightened, and her pelvis began to ache as he pressed her onto her back and flung one heavy thigh across hers. His hand slipped under the loose neckline of her chemise and cupped her breast with shocking intimacy. He growled his approval at her pebbled nipple and pinched it lightly before kissing her more deeply.
She moaned, and her back arched involuntarily. She had kissed a man before, Frederick, in fact. But they were chaste kisses in her home's parlour while her father sat in the next room, reading his newspaper. She had never allowed Frederick to put his tongue in her mouth or let his hands wander anywhere but her arms and shoulders, but the touch of his mouth had never affected her like this.

The stranger’s kisses were wonderful despite the ticklish nature of his beard. The feel of his rough fingers against her sensitive nipple made shivers run up and down her spine. Frederick had hands nearly as soft as her own. She had no idea that a hand, rough from hard labour, could feel so good against her skin.

He pulled on her nipple. It was beginning to throb in a way that was both pleasurable and a little painful. She moaned again when he kissed down her neck and licked at her collarbone.

“Oh, oh, please,” she whispered.

She wasn’t entirely certain what she was begging for, but the stranger seemed to know. He tugged her chemise down until her breasts were bared. Embarrassment immediately flooded through her. When she tried to preserve her modesty by tugging the material back into place, that rough hand grabbed her wrists and stretched her arms above her head as he pushed his thigh between hers.

“No,” he growled. “I want to see them. Taste them.”

She frowned. What did he mean he wanted to taste them? Her silent question was answered when he bent his head and latched onto her nipple, sucking heavily at it.

“Oh!” The little squeak of pleasure had escaped before she could stop it, and she writhed against him as he teased her nipple into an erect peak. He switched to her other breast, teasing and licking at the nipple until it was as stiff as the first one. His fingers pulled at her right nipple as his lips pulled at the left one, and she realized that the little whines and moans of pleasure she could hear were coming from her.

“Please,” she moaned. She should have been ashamed at the obvious need she could hear in her voice. She should have been embarrassed at the way she was humping his leg.

“Do you like that?” he muttered, and she nodded eagerly.

“Yes, please don’t stop.”

He raised his head and stared at her. An odd look was coming over his face, one that suggested he was realizing this wasn’t a dream. She pressed her mouth against his frantically. She didn’t think she was very good at kissing, but she pushed timidly at his lips with her tongue anyway. To her delight, he opened his mouth, and she licked tentatively at the inside of his mouth. He groaned, and her pelvis throbbed when he sucked on her tongue.

Oh, this was wonderful. She could lie in this bed and kiss the stranger forever. He released her hands, and she moved them tentatively to his chest. Hair covered it, and she touched the wiry strands gently. When her fingers grazed over one flat nipple, he jerked and moaned against her mouth. Still kissing him, she ran her fingers across his nipple again. Were they as sensitive as hers, she wondered. Would it drive him just as crazy if she sucked on them? She pinched it experimentally, and he growled softly before nipping at her bottom lip.

“Little minx,” he whispered and pinched her nipple in return.

She twitched against him and moved her hands across his flat abdomen before tracing his broad back. He was delightfully warm, and she touched the large muscles before moving lower. He was wearing underclothes, and she wasn’t sure if that was a tingle of disappointment or relief she was feeling.

“I can feel how wet your little pussy is,” he suddenly whispered into her ear, and her face flamed bright red. For the first time, she realized that while he might be wearing underclothes, she wasn’t. She could feel his hair-roughened thigh rubbing directly against her warmth.

She struggled to get away from him, and he shook his head before reaching down and cupping her between her legs. Her eyes widened when his fingers brushed against an extremely sensitive spot.

“Oh my God!” she cried, and he grinned before kissing her firmly.

“Like that, do you? Your little pearl is very wet and swollen,” he said. He rubbed again, and her entire body arched off the bed as pleasure, so strong it made her lose her breath, rushed through her.

“What – what is that?” she moaned.

He stiffened against her, his fingers slowing to a stop. He ignored her when she made a whine of protest and dug her nails into his broad back.

“Please, I want more,” she begged shamelessly.

He was frowning, and she stared wide-eyed at him when his finger breached her tight entrance. She winced and tried to close her legs. His fingers rubbing against her felt good – felt amazing, actually – but that certainly didn’t.

“Please touch me again,” she whispered.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered.

She blinked in confusion when he yanked his hand out from between her legs and threw the covers back. He sat up, swung his legs out of bed and sat on the edge of it.

“Sir?” Her face flaming with embarrassment, she tugged her chemise over her still-throbbing breasts and sat up. She scooted away until her back rested against the wall and made a soft moan of dismay.

What had she done? She didn’t even know this man’s name, and she had kissed him, allowed him to touch her intimately and enjoyed it. Craved it. Her entire body cried out for release from the tension coiling in her pelvis. She clamped her legs together in an effort to ease the odd ache between them. What was happening to her?

“You’re a virgin,” he said without turning to look at her.

“Yes, of course, I am,” she whispered as her cheeks burned.

He craned his head to stare at her, and she shrank back at his look of dark lust. “You don’t act like a virgin.”

She wanted to die of embarrassment. If she could have sunk through the floorboards, she would have. Instead, she gathered the bedclothes and her tattered pride around her like a thick cloak and forced herself to meet his gaze.

“I am a proper lady, and you should be ashamed of touching me like you were.”

He barked laughter before standing and reaching for his pants. “You weren’t asking me to stop, lady. In fact, I’m pretty sure I heard you begging me for more.”

His gaze dropped to her pelvis. “Your pussy definitely wanted more.”

“How dare you,” she whispered. “I won’t allow you to speak to me in such a manner. You are coarse and rude and - ”

He rolled his eyes as he buttoned his pants and yanked his shirt over his head. “Considering I saved you from freezing to death last night, I think you can forgive my lack of manners just this once.”

Before she could reply, he had left the bedroom, shutting the door firmly behind him. She stayed where she was, blinking back the hot tears as a dog barked, and she heard the stranger’s deep voice murmuring in reply. She rested her head on her knees and took a few deep breaths. She was out of the cold and perfectly fine, so why did she feel like she was in more trouble now than when she was lost in the blizzard?

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