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Alpha Moon Novella (EBOOK)

Alpha Moon Novella (EBOOK)

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Why does something so wrong feel so right?

Although human, Dani has lived her entire life among the Lycans.  She knows first-hand their possessiveness toward their mates and she’s determined to avoid being claimed by one. 

It’s one of the reasons she’s in love with the human, Kaden, despite his love for her cousin.

When Andric, a Lycan without a pack, saves her life she’s confused by her feelings. He’s possessive, demanding and naughty – everything she swore she’d stay away from. 

So why does his touch spark desire in her belly? 

Why does she forget about her love for Kaden when she is in his arms?



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Read an excerpt

“I’m sorry.” Dani’s voice was muffled against his throat.

“For what?” Andric continued to rub her side and hip.

“For hitting you, for crying and making a fool of myself,” Dani replied. “I’m not usually such a – a crybaby.”

He leaned back and smiled at her, wiping away the last of her tears from her cheeks. “I do not think you’re a crybaby, Danielle.”

She stared silently at him as his fingers lingered on her cheek. “You watched a friend die, you nearly died yourself, and your family is in grave danger. All things considered, you’re doing remarkably well.”

“Why did you offer to stay and protect us?” she whispered.

He shrugged. “No resistance for damsels in distress. Remember?”

“Aye, I remember,” she murmured. A funny little tingle went through her stomach when Andric’s gaze dropped to her mouth.

“Especially for one as pretty as you,” he said.

Heat spread through her belly, sweet and not entirely unwelcome, as he traced the line of her jaw with his callused fingers. Her pulse was quickening, and she could feel the heat in her belly spreading throughout her body. It made her limbs tingle and her cheeks flush, and he inhaled deeply before smiling.

“How old are you, Danielle? Are you even out of your teens, yet?”

“I am over twenty,” she said a bit indignantly.

His grin widened. “Good.”

His hand squeezed her hip before caressing the side of her thigh through her linen skirt. She swallowed nervously and stared at his mouth. He had nice lips, she decided. An image of kissing those lips flipped through her head. It brought on another flash of heat and without realizing it, her hips arched against him as a surge of liquid dampened her panties. He inhaled sharply and his hand tightened on her firm thigh. She gasped, and her hands clutched at his biceps. He stared at her mouth again.

“You’re very sweet, Danielle. Did you know that?” he whispered. “You’re so lovely and innocent.”

“I – I’m not innocent,” she stammered.

“Are you not?” His hand went back to its lazy stroking of her thigh. “Tell me, Danielle. Have you even kissed a man before?”

“I – yes.” Technically she had kissed a man. She had kissed Kaden the night of his birthday. Of course, he had pushed her away before she could properly kiss him but still, it was mostly a kiss.

He was watching her face carefully and he arched his eyebrow at her. “Have you?”

“Yes!” she replied hotly. “Do you believe me to be a liar?”

He shook his head. “No, but there’s something you’re not telling me.”

She pressed her lips together and stared up at the ceiling of the barn. Truthfully, Kaden pushing her away had been the most humiliating moment of her life. She knew it was because he was in love with Sophia, but there was still a small part of her that wondered if it was because of her. She wasn’t as pretty as her Lycan cousin, but she wasn’t ugly either. Her eyes were a lovely shade of blue, her skin smooth, and her blonde hair soft. Most Lycans didn’t look twice at her though. They typically preferred their women to be curvier with tanned skin and dark hair.

“What are you hiding, Danielle?”

“Nothing,” she lied.

“Did you enjoy kissing him?” he asked.

“It was very brief,” she admitted.

“Why?” His hand moved from her thigh to her ribs and stroked her just below her breasts.

“He pushed me away.”

“He’s a fool.”

“He isn’t!” She defended Kaden immediately. “He’s wonderful.”

“Is he? Why did he push you away?” The tips of his fingers brushed the underside of her breast almost absentmindedly, and a moan slipped out before she could stop it.

“Perhaps I am not very good at kissing,” she muttered.

“Let’s find out, shall we?” He captured her mouth with his before she had fully comprehended what he’d said.

She stiffened under him as he kissed her. His lips pulled at her bottom one, sucking it into his mouth and licking at it with his tongue and she moaned. She squeezed his arms and returned his kiss, opening her mouth eagerly so that he could slip his tongue inside.

He made a groan of approval and pressed her into the soft hay that covered the ground of the stall. His hands threaded through her hair and he held her head steady as he kissed and licked at her mouth. When he finally released her mouth, she gave a soft mew of disappointment and tried to kiss him again.

He shook his head and held hers firmly, preventing her from pressing her mouth against his. “He’s a fool, Danielle.”

“He’s not,” she whispered.

He ignored her and kissed the tip of her nose. “Do you have any idea of the things I want to do to you?”

She shivered at the raw need in his voice. “Aye. I told you, I am not innocent.”

He grinned. “You are. In fact, it may be wise of you to stay away from me.”

Despite his words, he made no effort to pull away from her. Instead, he settled himself more firmly against her and she swallowed nervously when she felt his erection against her hip.


“I have certain tastes that I fear you are too sweet for. I like the women who warm my bed to do things that you, unfortunately, will most likely not enjoy.”

“What kind of things?” she whispered.

He shook his head. “Now is not the time to share. In fact, as pleasant as this is, I think it’s time we stopped. I imagine your twin will be here any moment to check on you.”

She tried to hide her disappointment and knew she’d failed when Andric grinned at her. “You want more of my kisses?”

She nodded immediately and without shame. “Aye, I do.”

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