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Absolute Harmony Novella (EBOOK)

Absolute Harmony Novella (EBOOK)

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Finding love after loss.

Widow Savina Ras is ready to love again.

Too bad Harmony Falls has a serious lack of older men interested in long-term commitment.

To make matters worse, she has an inappropriate crush on her late husband’s best friend, vet tech Hal McGinnis.  Hal is kind, sexy, and her closest friend. 

At least, he used to be. 

He’s avoided her for a year, and Savina needs to move on.  Then one unexpected, steamy encounter with Hal changes everything.

Hal’s playing with fire and avoiding Savina in their small town proves nearly impossible.

But it’s for the best. 

Until Savina find herself in a dicey situation, and Hal has to intervene.  Their mutual attraction soon burns out of control, and once Hal has tasted Savina’s sweetness on his lips, he can’t walk away.

But for Hal, old guilt and regret are a heavy burden.  Will their love be enough to bury that guilt for good?

Author's Note:  This is a novella in the Harmony Falls Series and can be read as a stand alone.



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Read an excerpt

Savina slumped back in her seat, staring blankly at her truck’s dashboard. It wasn’t like she’d never noticed how handsome Hal was, even when she was married to Alan. But it was in more of a ‘hey, that guy’s good looking’ way rather than an ‘I want that guy to be balls-deep inside of me’ way.

Until that damn Sunday afternoon. If she’d known asking Hal to help her build an Ikea dresser would have changed the course of their friendship, she’d have burned the fucking dresser. But how could she have known?

She hadn’t expected that watching Hal sitting on the floor of her guest bedroom in a patch of sunlight, carefully and precisely sorting out screws, bolts, and pieces of wood would be the catalyst for bringing her lady bits back to life.

She’d chalked it up to a weird blip at first. Just her head, or rather her sex drive, getting confused for an afternoon. Could she blame it? She hadn’t had sex in over two years, and Hal was kind, smart, and gorgeous. He’d been growing a beard – a new look for him - and while she’d teased him about the silver laced through it, she’d also secretly thought it made him look sexy as hell.
She’d pushed aside the tingling in her crotch and how her nipples had tightened when their hands touched while they built the dresser and told herself all afternoon that it meant nothing.

But she couldn’t convince herself it was nothing when, later that night, as she masturbated alone in her bed, images of Hal kept popping into her head. The bulge of his biceps as he lifted the dresser and the hint of his flat stomach she’d seen when his shirt lifted. She’d rubbed her clit in hard, firm circles while she thought about her sudden desire to drop to her knees, unbuckle his belt, and find out just how big Hal’s dick was.

That last image - her on her knees in front of Hal, his big hand palming the back of her skull as he urged her to suck his dick - had gotten her off like a fucking rocket. She’d ridden that orgasm high for nearly a minute, her body shuddering and shaking hard enough to make the bedsprings squeak.

She’d spent too much time over the last year wondering what Hal was like in bed. Would he be gentle or rough, tender or demanding? Her fantasies consumed her for the next few weeks after that Sunday afternoon. Hal bending her over the couch. Hal spreading her out on the big farm table in her kitchen and burying his face in her pussy like she was an all-you-could-eat buffet. Hal in her bed, his hands on her hips encouraging her to move harder and faster as she rode him to her release.

She’d tried hard to hide her newly discovered lust for him but failed spectacularly. Hal had started to pull away from her after that Sunday afternoon. Slowly at first and in subtle ways. Not replying to her texts as quickly as he used to, missing a few of their long-standing Sunday night dinners, and being too busy to go antiquing with her or catch the latest action movie at the theatre. She’d been so caught up in her lust for him that it had taken her a shamefully long time to notice the tension he now carried whenever he was near her.

Shame left her feeling sick and humiliated when it finally became apparent he was avoiding her. Her fawning over him, her obvious crush, had ruined their friendship, and she’d do anything to get it back.

But life didn’t always work out the way one hoped or wanted. Even now, knowing Hal had ended their friendship because of her crush, she still wanted him. The few men she’d dated in the last nine months had all been a desperate attempt to forget how much she wanted Alan’s best friend.

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