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A Home for Lily (EBOOK)

A Home for Lily (EBOOK)

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A new beginning...

For Lily Castro, life can’t get any worse…

Until a car accident changes everything.

Widowed, broke, and pregnant, she’ll do anything to provide for her baby.

Firefighter and single father, Logan Anderson, needs someone special to care for his traumatized daughter. When the fragile woman he’d rescued from the wreckage of a car shows up at the station and applies for the job, he hires her.

Lily is determined to keep her new job as a nanny and her unborn child out of the hands of her paternal grandparents.
They’ll stop at nothing to have the living reminder of their deceased son.

But Lily’s caught feelings for her sweet and sexy boss. Will it destroy her chance at a fresh start, or will it be the happily ever after she’d always dreamed about?



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Read an excerpt

Logan moved quietly through the dark house. He had to work at six and it was already after midnight. He should have been in bed hours ago, but he had felt restless and jumpy and hadn’t bothered to even try sleeping.

He climbed the stairs and stared at the bathroom door. Although it was late, the bathroom light was on and he could hear Lily’s soft muttering. There was a loud banging noise that made him jump and he knocked softly on the door.

“Lily? Are you okay? Let me in.”

“I’m fine. It’s open,” she snapped.

He opened the door. Lily was on her hands and knees with her upper half wedged into the cupboard below the sink. Various bathroom items were piled around her legs and he stared with more than a little passing interest at her upturned ass. She was wearing just a long t-shirt and it had risen up until he could see her ass clad in pale pink panties. His cock twitched and he pulled his shorts away from his crotch before clearing his throat.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m looking for a goddamn heating pad.” Her voice was muffled but he could hear the irritation in it. “Do you not have one?”

“I don’t think so.”

She made a loud snort of anger and tried to wiggle free of the cupboard.


He crouched beside her. “What?”

“I’m stuck.”

A wide grin crossed his face and he tamped down the laughter that was starting when her muffled voice said, “So help me God, if you laugh, I will shove this curling iron up your ass.”

“I’m not laughing,” he said.

“I can hear it in your voice, Logan Anderson,” she said. “Are you going to get me out of here or not?”

He put his hands on her hips, eyeing her ass one final time, before pulling. She popped out, cussing lightly and breathing heavily, and glared at him before muttering a thank you.

“You’re welcome.”

She shoved her shirt down, for once not blushing, and grabbed the top of the counter. She hesitated and then stared angrily at him. “Are you going to just stand there or help me up?”

“Sorry.” He stood and then hooked his hands into her armpits and lifted her to her feet. She winced and grabbed at her back before sighing.

“Thank you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you,” she said.

“That’s fine. What’s wrong?”

“My back hurts and I can’t sleep because of it.” She looked like she was about to cry. “I keep forgetting to buy a heating pad and I was hoping that you might have one. I decided to look and then I got stuck in the cupboard because I’m the size of a house.”

Now she was starting to cry, and she turned away, sniffing loudly, and grabbing for the tissue on the counter. “Sorry. Pregnancy hormones, I think.”

“Here,” he grabbed the bottle of lotion that was on the floor and took her hand, “come with me.”

“What are you doing?” she asked as he tugged her towards her bedroom.

“You’ll see.”

He ushered her into her bedroom and towards the bed. He clicked on the bedside lamp and sat down on her bed, resting his back against the wall and spreading his legs. “Sit down with your back to me, Lily.”


“Just trust me.”

She sighed and climbed awkwardly between his legs. She crossed her legs and looked behind her. “What are you doing, Logan?”

He had filled his hand with lotion, and he rubbed his hands together. “Lift your shirt up a bit, Lily.”

She lifted her shirt and made a loud moan of pleasure when he rubbed her lower back. She leaned forward, bowing her head and clasping her hands together as he rubbed and kneaded the lotion into her back.

“Oh my God,” she moaned. “That feels so good.”

“Good. I’ll rub your back until you’re sleepy, okay?” he said.

“Yes. Thank you, Logan,” she murmured.

He rubbed and stroked and kneaded her warm flesh for the next fifteen minutes. He tried to keep his thoughts strictly non-sexual, but the feel of Lily’s soft skin and her moans of pleasure were making his cock harden.

He moved his hands to her sides, stroking more lotion into her skin. Knowing he shouldn’t, but not able to stop himself, he slid his hands to her belly. He rubbed the lotion across the tight skin, making sure to cover every inch of her belly with the smooth cream.

“That’s feels wonderful, Logan,” she moaned. She leaned back, resting her head on his chest as he rubbed her belly, and he wondered if she could feel his erection. If she could, she didn’t acknowledge it and, after a moment, he put his mouth to her ear.

“You should take off your shirt, Lily. I don’t want to get lotion all over it.” he said hoarsely.

He waited for her to sit up and tell him to leave. Instead, she nodded and, with the same hoarseness in her voice, said, “That’s a good idea.”

She sat up and he helped her strip off her shirt. She dropped it to the floor and leaned back against him. Her soft hair tickled his throat and he forced himself to continue rubbing her belly as he stared down at her naked breasts. They were fuller than he remembered but her nipples were as pink and deliciously hard as the last time he had seen them.

He told himself not to touch. He told himself that Lily didn’t need him manhandling her when she was nearly nine months pregnant, and then his hands were cupping her breasts and Lily was moaning and arching her back and he forgot every single reason why he shouldn’t touch her.

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